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TECEprofil module

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Die TECEprofil Sanitärmodule sind perfekt für den Trockenbau vorbereitet.

TECEprofil – dry-wall modules

TECEprofil universal toilet module

Intelligent and versatile - the universal cistern with an assembly-upgrade

Das TECEprofil WC-Modul enthält jetzt den neuen TECEUni-Spülkasten

As pioneers of the concealed cistern, we are proud of our flushing technology. But every product, no matter how good, needs an update over time. We have taken the opportunity to turn your suggestions from the field into a comprehensive upgrade: with many new technical features that will make the installation of our popular multi-talent even more relaxed in the future.

Of course, you can continue to rely on already proven features or our compatibility promise for all TECE flush plates. 

Installation and assembly: the highlights in the video

Pre-assembled in the TECEprofil toilet module, the TECE Uni cistern is quickly and safely installed on site, even in 1-man assembly. Thanks to clever installation upgrades, installation of the new Uni cistern is now even more relaxed. You can see the proof here in the video!

Quickly connected - without additional sealing

With the quick adapter on the improved universal cistern, time-consuming sealing is no longer necessary.

The new cistern water connection has a 1/2" male thread and is compatible with quick adapters. Time-consuming additional sealing? Not applicable.

Removed with a "Zip

The installation tunnel with bare-wall protection enables direct tiling. Then the bare-wall protection is removed and the installation tunnel is removed directly from the wall without tools with a "zip".

The installation tunnel for the shell protection makes direct tiling possible. The shell construction protection is then removed and the installation tunnel is removed directly from the wall with a "zip" without tools - without cutter knives, without sharp break edges. Injury-free, simple and safe.

Fit for the future

Thanks to the conduit and the connection box, a shower toilet can be easily retrofitted.

Shower toilets are easy to add: the reinforced hose for the shower function is safely routed to the cistern via an empty pipe. A junction box is integrated in the toilet connection box for the power supply of electronic shower toilets. The electricity-free TECEone shower toilet continues to be connected simply with the separate upgrade set.

Shell protection at its best

 The threaded rods for the fine installation are stored in the styrofoam bare-wall protection until they are used and thus are protected from dirt.

In addition to the flush and waste water connections, the new shell-construction protection also keeps the connection area for electricity and shower toilet free and is easy to tile on with just a few straight cuts. The threaded rods for the fine installation are stored in the polystyrene pipe protection ready to hand and protected from dirt until use.

Install actuator plate - faster than ever!

With easy fit, the flush plate can be easily installed in one go. Without readjusting or measuring. This not only saves nerves, but also around two-thirds of the working time! You can see how easy it is in our easy fit installation video.

Of course, you can also continue to install all cisterns and flush plates without easy fit with our new products. Our tips & tricks videos show you how!

Recessed solution

Das TECEprofil WC-Modul mit 980 mm Bauhöhe

Whether in the slope, under the window or within the room: to make the most of every square metre in the bathroom, the toilet also finds individual places. In the half-height pre-wall, the Uni cistern for actuation from the front and from above is quickly installed with the TECEprofil module for the low installation height. With the toilet modules in 980 mm or 820 mm installation height, the toilet module always finds a place even in difficult bathroom situations.

Climbing? Not necessary!

Beim TECEprofil WC-Modul für Kinder-Stand-WCs ist der bewährte Uni-Spülkasten 10 cm tiefer vormontiert. So wird auch die Montage zum Kinderspiel.

For nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools: Wherever little people make up most of the users, a toilet installation at child-friendly height provides greater independence. With the TECEprofil toilet module for children's floor standing toilets, the tried and tested Uni cistern is pre-assembled 10 cm lower. This makes assembly a walk in the park.