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TECEprofil - Dry-wall - Modules

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Die TECEprofil Sanitärmodule sind perfekt für den Trockenbau vorbereitet.

TECEprofil dry-wall modules

TECEprofil - Dry-wall - Modules

TECEprofil: Out of the box. Set. Go.

The sanitary module – pre-assembled for dry-wall construction

TECEprofil Trockenbaumodule – Aus dem Karton. Fertig. Los!

From the washstand connection to the toilet module with integrated Uni cistern, the TECEprofil sanitary modules are pre-assembled for dry-wall construction. In a statically self-supporting mounting frame that can withstand the heaviest loads.

With the TECEprofil sanitary modules, all common sanitary installations are made easy: the technology is so perfectly coordinated that every installation - from the washstand to the shower toilet - can be handled by just one single fitter. Simple, safe, effortless!

Equipped for every installation situation

Thanks to clever accessories, TECEprofil modules can be installed almost anywhere. It doesn't matter whether you use the modules with our TECEprofil installation system or use the modules in a metal or wooden framework. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

Installation in free-standing TECEprofil wall

TECEprofil WC-Modul Einbau in freistehender TECEprofil-Wand
TECEprofil supporting feet to brace free-standing TECEprofil supporting frames.

Installation in a metal stud wall

TECEprofil WC-Modul Einbau in Metallständerwand
TECEprofil mounting set for flush-mounted profile walls to attach TECEprofil modules to lateral flush-mounted profiles.

Individual module installation in front of a solid structural shell wall

TECEprofil WC-Modul Einbau vor einer massiven Baukörperwand
Depth-adjustable TECEprofil module attachment with installation spacing 150 to 240 mm. 

Corner assembly in front of a solid or plasterboard wall

TECEprofil WC-Modul Einbau vor einer Massiv- oder Leichtbauwand
TECEprofil module attachment for variable corner assembly.

Installation in a TECEprofil pre-wall

TECEprofil WC-Modul Einbau in TECEprofil-Vorwand
TECEprofil double joint to simultaneously attach two TECEprofil section tubes to the structural shell.

Installation in a wooden stud wall

TECEprofil WC-Modul Einbau in einem Holzständerwerk
TECEprofil mounting set for wooden stud walls to attach TECEprofil modules to lateral stud structures.

Individual module installation height-adjustable in front of a solid structural shell wall

TECEprofil Wc-Modul Einbau vor Massivwand mit höhenverstellbarer Modulbefestigung
Variable depth and height-adjustable TECEprofil module attachment for height of 1190 to 1300 mm. TECEprofil module

Wall corner assembly at a 45° angle

TECEprofil WC-Modul Einbau für Wand-Eckmontage mit Modulbefestigung in einem Winkel von 45°
TECEprofil module attachment for wall corner assembly to attach TECEprofil modules at a 45° angle.