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TECEdrainprofile – shower profile

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TECEdrainprofile – shower profile


Shower profile TECEdrainprofile

The TECEdrainprofile shower profile is flush with the niche, adaptable, easy to clean - and impresses with its unobtrusive yet elegant appearance. A thoroughly elegant and clean TECE solution for the shower!

Elegantly solved

Drainage, reduced to the essentials. This is how the elegant stainless steel profile appears at first glance. But it is the intelligent details of the sophisticated design that ensure the simple restraint in the shower area. The internal slope ensures optimum drainage. The material, which can be cut to length, ensures perfect niche-flush integration across the entire width of the shower area without any tile pieces on the sides. Simple and ingenious: that is the TECEdrainprofile shower profile.

A shower profile where everything flows

Where no corners and edges slow down the flow, everything runs smoothly. Both for the eye and for hygiene. This makes TECEdrainprofile the elegant and efficient drain profile for your bathroom.

Now also available in elegant black

Das Duschprofil TECEdrainprofile ist jetzt auch in Schwarz verfügbar.
TECEdrain profiles are now also available in "Brushed black". Customers can now use this trend colour to great effect throughout the bathroom.

To match the style update of our flush plates, TECE has now extended the range of TECEdrainprofile shower profiles to include the "Brushed black" variant. The new deep black surface of the shower profile now offers perfectly coordinated design options with fittings and flush plates. For an all-round successful look with TECE quality promise.

The PVD-finished surface is characterised by extreme durability. This is particularly important for the accessible areas of the shower profile and the increased mechanical loads that occur there in some cases. The TECEdrainprofile drain profile is also available in the PVD variants Gold Optic, Red Gold and Black Chrome, each with a brushed or polished surface.

TECEdrainprofile 1600mm

Extra-large floor-level showers are the new degree of extra freedom in the bathroom - whether for added mobility or simply for that extra bit of comfort every day. With the extra-long shower profile TECEdrainprofile 1600 mm in brushed stainless steel, you can also drain 3XL showers flush with the niche, without tile cuts and pieces over the entire width of the shower area. Stylish drainage - without limits. 

Clean in no time

How we imagine a shower profile? Attractive, practical and with features that make cleaning much easier. Just like TECEdrainprofile. Because the way the drain profile is designed for the shower helps with self-cleaning. The stainless steel from which the shower profile is made is also extremely easy to clean and maintain.

The shower profile with self-cleaning effect

The internal gradient of the TECEdrainprofile channel profile optimises water drainage and thus also the self-cleaning effect. It is difficult for dirt to settle in the channel profile. This also means that the cleaning effort is considerably reduced.  It also increases the installation tolerances. TECEdrainprofile is a clever and adaptable solution for the shower that also looks elegant.

Drainprofile - Duschrinne mit Selbstreinigungseffekt
Shower profile with self-cleaning effect
Das TECEdrainprofile-Duschprofil kann mit einem einfachen Tuch gereinigt werden.

Clean with the simplest means

To clean the easy-care stainless steel shower profile, all you need is a little water and a simple cloth. Maximum cleanliness with little effort.

Das Duschprofil TECEdrainprofile verfügt über eine praktische Push-Funktion für einen einfachen Zugang zur Ablaufleitung

With push function

The profile cover can be folded up at the touch of a finger and removed without tools. This allows easy access to the drain pipe and removal of the odour trap.