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TECEdrainpoint S

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TECEdrainpoint S – the practical point drain

TECEdrainpoint S

TECEdrainpoint S integriert sich in jeden Raum.

Drainage to the point

Drainage does not only take place in the shower. Wherever a drainage solution is required to ensure the removal of water beyond the shower area, TECEdrainpoint S fits in reliably and stylishly.

The point drain is available in combinations for all areas of application - freely assembled in the stock-friendly modular system or particularly fast and practical in the complete set for the most common applications..

To the point

Whether as a central or near-wall drainage element - TECEdrainpoint S integrates effortlessly into any room and impresses as an innovative and versatile system solution.

Der Ablaufkörper von TECEdrainpoint S verfügt über einen Geruchsverschluss.

Simply hygienic

The drain body of TECEdrainpoint S has an odour trap that can be easily removed and cleaned at any time.

The design grates can then be placed back on the drain body or screwed in place - the latter is a preferred option, especially for public areas.

TECEdrainpoint S integriert sich spielend in jeden Raum.

Truly special

Whether small or large tile format: with the point drain, the necessary sloping surfaces can be harmoniously integrated into the tiling.

The floor-level covers themselves are available as a designer grating made of easy-care polished stainless steel in two attractive designs or as a tile support with or without a frame. For perfect integration into the floor covering - especially with natural stone and porcelain stoneware. 

Tileable channel “plate”

TECEdrainpoint S Fliesenmulde "plate"

TECEdrainpoint S
Tileable channel "plate"

Stainless steel design grate

Frameless tile base

TECEdrainpoint S rahmenloser Fliesenträger

TECEdrainpoint S
Frameless tile base

Stainless steel design grate "quadratum"