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TECEprofil - The pre-wall element for toilets, wash basins and more

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Mit den TECEprofil-Installationswänden können Sie Ihr Bad kreativ nach Ihren Vorstellungen bauen und einfach gestalten.

TECEprofil – creative to design, simple to build

TECEprofil - The pre-wall element for toilets, wash basins and more

Design the construction process in the bathroom flexibly and determine it yourself with pre-wall installation

Installationswand mit WC-Modul - TECEprofil
Pre-wall with toilet module – TECEprofil.

In the bathroom, all the demanding building trades come together. And it is precisely here, in the smallest of spaces, that coordination with other trades must function down to the smallest detail.

For more than 20 years, TECEprofil has offered the best basis for reducing interfaces and fulfilling customer wishes. With the TECE pre-wall element, you can install the toilet, washstand and other sanitary elements in the bathroom using the dry construction method, easily and individually. Regardless of factors that usually dictate placement in the bathroom.

You can use pre-wall technology to realise different room layouts and comply with standards and regulations. Simple and safe. Nothing stands in the way of uncomplicated bathroom renovation with the TECEprofil pre-wall element.

For easy installation of the installation wall, you can find all the important elements here: TECEprofil products

The universal solution: Pre-wall technology with TECEprofil.

Vorwandtechnik mit Profil - TECEprofil
Pre-wall technology with profile – TECEprofil.

Renovating a bathroom should be fun. After all, in every renovation there is the potential to realise individual wishes exactly the way one wants. The same applies to new buildings.

But neither in renovation nor in new construction do architects, planners or installers find optimal conditions. Sometimes the risers and downpipes are too far away from the fixtures and fittings, sometimes the client wants an optimised room layout in functional areas. And sometimes roof slopes, dormers or unusual floor plans make implementation difficult. Often the pipes are not arranged in such a way that they fit the desired position of the toilet or washstand.

The individual arrangement of sanitary elements such as bidet, washstand or toilet is easy to implement with a pre-wall element. TECEprofil is available for this - the pre-wall installation solves the tasks before they become a problem.

As toilet pre-wall element and for the entire sanitary connection

The TECEprofil pre-wall installation gives you complete design freedom and allows you to implement everything simply, safely, quickly and cleanly. Creatively implement different functional arrangements in the room or integrate shelves into the furnishings. You can easily install any sanitary system for dry construction, from washstand to WC modules. Because all sanitary modules are already pre-assembled in the pre-wall system.

You can carry out joint planning with the end customer just as easily as prefabrication in the plumber's workshop or industrially by TECE. So everyone involved will agree: a pre-wall with TECEprofil is THE solution.

Drywall profiles as problem solvers in bathroom planning

A pre-wall element is the ideal solution if you want to keep the effort involved in bathroom planning to a minimum. It also allows you to react flexibly to given conditions such as laid pipes. TECEprofil is a pre-wall element for toilets, wash basins and other elements - a pipe and fastening system that is planked with gypsum boards after installation. TECEprofil is realised in dry construction. The dry construction profile is the optimum alternative to time-consuming wet construction. Walls do not have to be torn open or demolished. Dry construction profiles are generally a popular variant for advancing building plans without building dirt. It is not for nothing that the dry construction profile is one of the most widely used constructions in dry construction.

Pipes can be laid on the pre-wall independently of the given installation in the house. This gives you the freedom to flexibly integrate the toilet into the bathroom, for example. Innovative solutions such as the shower toilet also find all the necessary prerequisites here. Existing guidelines on fire protection and sound insulation are taken into account in equal measure.

Flexibility, lower costs and less effort with TECEprofil. Whether builder, architect or installer - all parties involved in planning and implementation benefit from this installation wall!

Questions and answers about the TECEprofil installation wall

A toilet pre-wall element consists of a sturdy metal frame with integrated cisterns and is required in the shell installation to prepare a toilet system.

Drywall profiles are supports for the construction of non-load-bearing room partitions in which, among other things, corresponding sanitary modules can also be used.

A pre-wall system is usually always possible in a bathroom installation. When planning, however, the exact arrangement of the sanitary items should be considered first.

There are different designs available. Dry construction elements from TECE are structurally self-supporting and can also be used for wet construction installation. Wet construction elements, on the other hand, require a brick lining for stability and are therefore rather unsuitable for dry construction.

Almost any toilet ceramic can be connected to a pre-wall element. The distances between the flush and waste pipes are standardised. Only the mounting distances can vary with 180/230 mm. Conclusion: A toilet on a pre-wall element can be implemented flexibly.

Depending on the design of the toilet installation wall, further accessories are required. For free-standing installation walls, for example, additional support feet must be used in the supporting structure. Barrier-free toilet installations require further fixings at the height of the crossbar, etc. The installation guidelines for the respective systems must be observed.