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Pipe Systems

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TECE pipe systems: safety and quality for every application

Reliable, because it matters. Whether potable water, heating, gas or compressed air installation: TECE pipe systems always know how to convince - whether as a push-fit system or complete system.

The TECEflex sliding sleeve system, for example, withstands all requirements. Also discover TECElogo for simple implementation by hand and TECEfloor - our gold standard for underfloor heating systems.

With TECE, you're relying on quality - in every single component and tool! 

What we guarantee

  • Pipe connectors for potable water, heating, gas and compressed air installations
  • Kink-resistant composite pipes
  • Quick and easy assembly due to plug-in connectors
  • Error-tolerant systems
  • Extensive fittings
  • A complete pipe system for heating with TECEfloor

Pipe connectors and pipe systems - TECEflex & TECElogo

There are many pipe systems for a wide variety of applications. For example, there are sanitary pipe systems: for heating or potable water connections. Just as there are compressed air connectors for the installation of a compressed air line. TECE has it all.

Pipe connector for pushing in

We guarantee to meet your requirements with our pipe systems. Do pipes need to be connected quickly and easily? TECElogo is your pipe connector. The innovative push-fit connection requires no pressing tool for installation and can be handled even in challenging situations. A pipe connector, perfect for the building site!

Pipe connector for sliding

If you need a system-reliable multilayer composite pipe, TECEflex is the solution. The pipe system can be used for all sanitary areas. The composite pipe is a classic that TECE has constantly developed and improved. The result is a stable, kink-resistant and extra thick pipe system for greater safety and pressure resistance. Tested and certified!

The pipe system for the heating system

TECEfloor supplies you with a complete system for underfloor heating. Your advantage: all components and a well-designed system from a single source! So you can be sure that all parts fit together - heating pipes, manifolds, controls and installation accessories. And in the best TECE quality. With the TECEfloor pipe system, all components have been carefully selected and tested for absolute compatibility. With our complete system, you can make your dream of underfloor heating come true.

Click through our range of pipe systems and pipe connectors now or find a distributor near you!

Questions and answers about pipe systems / pipe connectors

A pipe system is used to transport liquids and gases. It essentially consists of the pipe, the pipe connectors, the corresponding fittings, if necessary heat or cold insulation and a suitable fastening system. Depending on the application (e.g. heating, drinking water, gas or compressed air), it is subject to different standards.

Pipe connectors are used for the permanently sealed connection of pipes and for the connection of fittings. Like the pipes, pipe connectors can be made of a wide variety of materials (e.g. steel, copper, plastic). A distinction is made between removable and non-removable pipe connectors.

The durability of a pipe system is an important criteria for the suitability of a pipe system for the construction site. The decisive factor is often the design of the pipe connectors as well as the material selection of pipe and connector (keyword: corrosion resistance).

We generally recommend that pipe systems be installed by a specialist company. You can use our exhibitor search to find not only dealers who sell our products, but also reliable and competent tradesmen in your area: