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TECEsystem – System construction, TECE brand


An all-Inclusive package that solves problems.

Für höhere Produktivität am Bau muss zukünftig viel stärker mit System gearbeitet werden. TECE kann auf 20 Jahre Erfahrung mit vorgefertigten Sanitärwänden und -schächten zurückgreifen.

You would certainly like to do without delays in construction, a poor return on investment, workmanship defects and disgruntled customers. TECEsystem helps you to do this. Because it is more than a good product concept and offers more than strong service.

TECEsystem – more than simply the sum of its parts

With TECE brand sanitary walls and sanitary shafts, you can finally avoid unpleasant surprises on the building site. The industrial prefabrication of the sanitary wall with TECEsystem gives you the greatest possible planning security:

  • Dates are fixed from the start
  • Fewer trades come together than usual
  • The risk of construction delays is minimised

Assured quality in every TECE sanitary wall

Our own quality process accompanies you from planning and logistics to construction supervision and after-sales service. With the quick and easy installation of the systems, you reduce assembly costs. Personnel bottlenecks due to a lack of skilled workers do not occur at all.

TECE sanitary walls and sanitary shafts are prefabricated with all the necessary components in our own factory. This guarantees a quality standard that is higher than that of conventional construction site assembly. Everything is optimally coordinated. Sound and fire protection standards are of course met.

Whether as a mid-height sanitary wall, WC module or with shaft as a room-height pre-wall: Find out more about sanitary installations from TECEsystem here: Our package.

Advantages of TECEsystem sanitary walls & shafts

We want to solve problems that occur every day on the construction site and make the work of installers, architects and planners more difficult. Customer feedback is therefore particularly important for us. And so, with TECEsystem, we were able to create an all-inclusive package that solves problems.

How you benefit from TECEsystem:

  • TECEsystem sanitary walls produced on a metre-by-metre basis: Adjust the individual segments easily and precisely directly at the installation site.
  • Easy assembly of the sanitary wall: One person is sufficient to assemble the sanitary wall. The prefabricated, height-adjustable register feet make it possible. In addition, the lost formwork saves time and ensures safe filling of ceiling openings.
  • Components that are already screwed in place can be adjusted on site: because all components of the sanitary shafts and walls from TECEsystem are sound-decoupled.
  • Complete and controlled prefabrication of the components: TECEsystem sanitary walls and sanitary shafts already have all the pipework and other elements that are important for sanitary installations.
  • Individually manufactured sanitary walls: TECEsystem can be implemented as a half-height sanitary wall as well as a room-height sanitary shaft. The degree of prefabrication ranges from an uncased supporting structure with sanitary modules to a fully cased system wall.
  • Hygienic and safe: All TECEsystem components are tested and comply with the relevant standards and regulations. This guarantees drinking water hygiene, fire protection and, of course, sound insulation.

Missing coordination in the construction process

Investors and architects, designers and fitters: They can all tell you a thing or two about how many construction sites are in a poor state. In new construction and renovation projects, there are always deficiencies, there is a lack of willingness to cooperate on the part of the trades and skilled workers, and there is inadequate preparation, coordination and documentation. The result: delays in construction. With all the consequences.

Labour productivity per person employed

TECEsystem sorgt mit vorgefertigten Produkten, Services und seinem Qualitätsprozess dafür, dass bei der TGA-Installation kein Verzug am Bau entsteht. Die Arbeitsproduktivität der Baubranche stagniert seit Jahren, während andere produzierende Branchen Ihre Produktivität deutlich steigern konnten.
Federal Statistical Office, Fachserie 18, Reihe 1.5, 2017

Avoid delays with TECEsystem construction

With its prefabricated sanitary walls, services and quality process, TECE ensures that there are no delays in the construction of technical building installations. This means that no more time is needed than originally planned. Everything is delivered just-in-time.

Delays due to defect rectification are virtually non-existent with TECE solutions. Finally, the complete delivery and simple installation of the prefabricated sanitary wall avoids additional coordination effort.