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Drainage systems

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TECE Drainage technology is more than just a good shower drain - attractive, hygienic, safe

TECE Entwässerungstechnik – Design, das Spielraum lässt


Design that leaves freedom

Perfect solutions sometimes show themselves in restraint. That's why TECE drainage solutions blend in exactly as they are needed.
Whether close to the wall, in the room or even flush with the niche, as an elegant stainless steel version or almost invisible with tile or natural stone support. A TECE shower drain means aesthetics made to measure - for maximum freedom.

Simply hygienic

Enjoy a clever floor drain for the shower. Because well-designed shower drainage dispenses both with corners and cavities that are inaccessible and with threaded parts on which hair and dirt can get caught. Instead, the TECE shower drain relies on consistently designed elements made of hygienic materials that are particularly effective and easy to clean. This means that drainage technology from TECE remains hygienically clean.

Seal System - tested safety for your shower drain

Drainage technology or shower drainage is more than just a good drainage channel for the shower. We test more than just our products. Because the composite seal is only really tight if all components interact optimally. This is why TECE has independently tested and approved a wide range of standard sealing products in combination with the TECE Seal System sealing tape and the TECE Seal System sealing sleeves. More transparency - for more safety.

Are you looking for a drain for a floor-level shower or should the floor draining take place in the room? Are aesthetics and design important to you when it comes to shower drainage? Then you can rely on TECE drainage technology. From floor drains to shower channels: You're guaranteed to find what you're looking for here. Have a look yourself in our drainage technology solutions! 

Always compliant with standards

Product Water impact classes of DIN 18534  
with factory-fitted sealing sleeve (100 mm)
W1-I, W2-I, W3-I  
with stainless steel flange (30 mm) and Seal System sealing tape
W1-I, W2-I  
with factory-fitted sealing sleeve (100 mm)
W1-I, W2-I, W3-I  
TECEdrainpoint S
with adhesive flange (50 mm)
W1-I, W2-I, W3-I  

At a glance

  • The TECEdrainline, TECEdrainprofile and TECEdrainpoint S drainage channels comply with the requirements of DIN 18534.
  • Leakage water openings are not necessary with a thin-bed installation.
  • For composite seals, thin-bed laying of tiles and slabs is required.