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TECE installation walls: well-planned pre-wall installation, efficient and trouble-free

Installation walls are indispensable in the planning and construction of sanitary rooms. Such a pre-wall element encloses and regulates the supply and disposal lines for sanitary systems. Prefabricated pre-wall systems are made to the individual dimensions of the construction site. Thus, for example, a detailed coordination with the existing pipe systems and other trades takes place to ensure a problem-free and quick installation.

Individual pre-wall installation means more planning security and better cost control. With pre-wall technology, various room layouts can be realised in compliance with standards and regulations. In addition, well-designed and flexible pre-wall elements usually save a considerable amount of time for planners and installers alike. TECE has developed installation walls for you that save you costs, time and effort.

Thoughtful installation walls

TECE offers you carefully planned pre-wall systems for your individual project. Take a look at our TECEprofil pre-wall element, for example. With this clever installation wall, everything has been considered before it becomes a problem. Whether sloping roofs, dormers or other challenges: with the flexible pre-wall element, you are always prepared. You can easily install all sanitary systems for dry construction, from washbasins to toilet modules. All modules are pre-assembled in the pre-wall system.

The TECEsystem installation wall, on the other hand, is the all-inclusive package for system construction. The industrial prefabrication of the pre-wall installation guarantees planning reliability. TECEsystem is the pre-wall installation for architects and building services planners - so simple, so safe, so time-saving. Because the finished installation walls usually include the complete pipework as well as shut-off devices, water meters, fan boxes and more. Find out everything about the package here.

Pre-wall elements, proven in practice.

With the TECEprofil, the installation of sanitary walls is now even easier and more flexible. Our industrially prefabricated TECEsystem sanitary walls and chambers are equally impressive. Two of our solutions for cost efficiency and user-friendly implementation.

Do you still have questions about our installation walls? Contact us if you need more information about TECE pre-wall elements. We will be happy to provide you with our expertise in the sanitary sector. Contact us now: