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TECEflex - composite pipe with sliding sleeve system

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Das TECEflex Schibehülsen-Rohrsystem ist extrem verlässlich und fehlertolerant.

TECEflex – the reliable sliding sleeve system

TECEflex - composite pipe with sliding sleeve system

Systems come and go.
TECEflex remains reliable - since 1992.

Das Rohr und der Fitting werden bei dem Rohrsystem TECEflex mittels Werkzeug axial verpresst.

How can you recognise a true classic? Even after years, it is still as contemporary as on the first day. It convinces new customers again and again. And its properties are still fully relevant.

This all applies to the TECEflex push-fit composite pipe system. Because TECEflex still meets the customers requirements for fault-tolerant processing and maximum reliability when it comes to pipe installation.

Clearly: TECEflex is "The classic".

  • Composite pipe for potable water, heating, gas and compressed air installations: "Four systems - one connection technology".
  • O-ring free hygienic connection technology
  • Composite pipe and fitting with approximately the same internal cross-section
  • Strong-walled, kink-resistant composite pipes from 14 - 63 mm
  • Fault tolerant processing
  • Simple tools are sufficient for the TECEflex sliding sleeve system
  • Extensive fitting range from 14-63 mm
  • PPSU fittings in 16-40 mm as a low-cost alternative

TECEflex customers opt for the system for economic reasons.

Relying on the TECEflex composite pipe is an economically sensible decision. The basis for this is the outstanding system reliability. This is not just about the small leaks that are fortunately already noticed in many systems during the pressure test. Rather, with the TECE sliding sleeve system, you avoid leaks and pipe bursts. These occur hundreds of times a year with conventional composite pipe systems. And often after just weeks or months - and sometimes even years after the building has been handed over. TECEflex remains stable: a system you can trust.

In addition to TECEflex, you can also get other high-quality pipe systems from us.

The composite pipe - a breakthrough at the time

Extra thick for extra safety

The forerunner of the TECEflex multi-layer composite pipe was already available in the mid-1980s: as an oxygen-tight underfloor heating pipe encased in aluminium. At that time, however, certifications could only be obtained for all-plastic pipes. Therefore, a plastic pipe was developed as the inner pipe, which already fulfilled all pressure and temperature requirements. For dimension 16, for example, this is a 16 x 2.1 mm inner pipe. Today, not even the standard aluminium multilayer pipes are that thick! On top of this inner pipe, which was already completely pressure-resistant, further layers of aluminium and polyethylene were applied. The result: an extra safe composite pipe system.

Even if the outer skin were to wear down through the aluminium on the construction site or scratches were to go right through the aluminium, this would not be a problem. TECEflex still remains the pressure-resistant inner pipe, which already meets all the requirements for composite pipes!

Das erste Verbundrohr von dem Rohrsystem TECEflex im Querschnitt aus den 80er Jahren.
The first composite pipe from the 1980s. 

Wall thicknesses in comparison

Das TECEflex Verbundrohr hat eine hat eine höhere Wandstärke als ein Standard Verbundrohr.

TECEflex PE-Xc/Al/PE-RT multi-layer composite pipe: the best of both worlds

The TECEflex multi-layer composite pipe is the ideal combination of plastic and metal. Even the electron beam cross-linked inliner is extremely pressure and temperature resistant. In addition, the aluminium coating ensures 100% oxygen tightness and excellent dimensional stability. And with the white outer coating, the multi-layer composite pipe is also perfectly equipped for use in visible areas.

What makes a multilayer composite pipe so special?

A multi-layer composite pipe consists of - as the name suggests - several layers. Each layer has a special protective function, which makes the composite pipe enormously durable in the overall system. While the inner pipe layers protect against corrosion and prevent oxygen penetration, the outer protective coating protects against damage on the construction site.

A small scratch makes all the difference

In order to simulate a construction site scratch, a commercial aluminium composite pipe 16 x 2.0 mm and a TECEflex multilayer composite pipe DIM 16 (17 x 2.75) were each cut 0.5 mm deep in the longitudinal direction in a laboratory test. Subsequently, the requirements of ISO 10508 - application class 2: hot water supply 70 °C - were used as a basis for a creep test. This requires an accident load capacity of 95 °C over 100 hours at 10 bar (potable water).

The result: the standard aluminium composite pipe burst after just 4:09 hours, while the TECEflex multi-layer composite pipe withstood without any problems. After more than 1,200 hours, the test was completed without rupture, because on the basis of the standard curves, rupture would only be expected in well over a hundred years.

Das Mehrschichtverbundrohr vom Rohrsystem TECEflex hält einem Riss länger stand als ein Standard Verbundrohr.
Das TECEflex Verbundrohr hält einem Riss in einem Laborversuch deutlich länger stand als ein Standard Verbundrohr.

Minimum bending radius - maximum stability

Our composite pipe with sliding sleeve system inspires with flexible stability. This makes it particularly easy to handle. Because in order to fully utilise the minimum bending radius, a bending tool is also required for a TECEflex pipe. However, the TECEflex pipe is normally bent using only your thumb. For everyday work, the thumb is completely sufficient as a tool, as the TECEflex composite pipe is much less prone to kinking. Try it for yourself!

Das TECEflex Rohr kann einfach mit dem Daumen gebogen werden.

Tested and certified

The TECEflex composite pipe can be used for the installation of potable water, heating, gas and compressed air. In order for a pipe system to be approved for potable water, heating or even the gas sector, the various requirements of the regulators must be met. In Germany, this is defined by the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water), among others. These tests are carried out both internally in TECE's own laboratory and externally in various renowned institutes.

Our goal: consistently high product and connection quality.

Das Rohrsystem TECEflex ist von diversen Stellen zugelassen und zertifiziert.
Die Maßhaltigkeit der Fittinge vom Rohrsystem TECEflex werden kontinuierlich überprüft.