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Die TECEprofil Sanitärmodule sind perfekt für den Trockenbau vorbereitet.

TECEprofil dry-wall modules

TECEprofil bidet & bath/shower modules

TECEprofil Bidetmodule und Duschmodule runden das Programm der TECEprofil Sanitärmodule ab.

Even though more and more consumers are enthusiastic about shower toilets which integrate the function of a bidet, conventional bidets still remain a valid solution for perfect intimate hygiene. Our bidet modules for wall-mounted bidets with an installation height of 1120 mm and 820 mm take this into account.

Our system of TECEprofil sanitary modules are rounded off by the bath and shower modules. Besides the standard bath and shower module, we also offer a module for wall-mounted fittings which integrates our TECE hygiene box. With the TECE hygiene box you safely ensure that your cold water is kept cool and your warm water stays warm.