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Latest addition to drainage range: TECEdrainline-Evo

Discover the installation update!

Centro Canalejas Madrid

Luxury heart gives new life to historic surroundings.

Reside like a prince in the heart of Monaco

The Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo is one of those legendary hotels that is surrounded by an incomparable magic.

TECEflushpoint and the TECEconsruct toilet module with only 750 mm installation height enable new design choices.
Die TECEdrainline-Evo verfügt über viele Montagehilfen, die die Installation für den Installateur und Fliesenleger vereinfachen.
Ein majestätischer Turm krönt die keilförmige Spitze des Centro Canajelas. Die Gebäudehülle aus der Belle Époque wurde detailgetreu und umfangreich restauriert.
Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo


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A culture of inquisitiveness.
The company, TECE, has grown through its particular proximity to, and dialogue with, customers.

A world of solutions

Die PVD-Variante Red Gold ist in glänzender und gebürsteter Optik erhältlich.


A world of solutions.
TECE is an innovator in the sanitary installation sector. We make an impact with products that can be used to build an entire world.

A good reference

The Pearl in Riga, Latvia


A good reference
Properties need bathrooms. TECE solutions are used throughout the world in housing sector properties, public and semi-public buildings and private homes.

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