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Seal System - the safe sealing for your shower

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Duschentwässerung mit geprüfter Verbundabdichtung - Seal System

Seal System - the safe sealing for your shower

Seal System composite seal: independently tested

Mit dem Seal System-Logo haben Sie geprüfte Sicherheit beim Anschluss von Verbundabdichtungen für Duschrinnen, Duschprofile und Punktabläufe

Ensure safe sealing for the shower? No more time-consuming research! With Seal System, plumbers and tilers have tested safety when connecting composite seals for the bathroom. Whether for shower channels, shower profiles and point drains: you can rely on the composite seal with the "Seal System" seal.

And with the Seal System sealing set for wall ducts, you get full security for sealing interiors. TECE has developed a sealing set that ensures the fitting connection complies with standards and allows the installation to proceed without damage to the tiles. The sealing set consists of a building protection plug, sealing sleeve and sealing collar. The Seal System from TECE simply and clearly defines the interface between tiler and plumber and guarantees a secure sealing - tested and compliant with standards. Find out more here.

Rely on the sealing elements with the Seal System quality seal. For more reliability in sealing your shower.

Absolutely secure composite seal thanks to testing by professionals

The "Seal System" tests are carried out by Kiwa TBU GmbH from Greven. A test centre for building materials, consumer products etc. recognised by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). Testing is carried out on the basis of the test principles applicable to sealing in combination with tile and slab coverings (AIV).

Seal System - tested for practical application

The market offers a wealth of sealing products that vary regionally or simply according to the preference of the installer. It is understandable that every craftsman likes to use his personal favourite.

The problem: The respective combination of drainage product and composite seal is often not tested. And this is precisely where Seal System comes in. As part of a comprehensive combination test of TECE drainage products and numerous composite sealing products from well-known manufacturers, an independent institute was commissioned with the leak test. All test pieces were exposed to a 20 cm high water column over a period of 28 days.

The result: Almost 600 individual test certificates documenting combined suitability. Planners and installers now have tested security. And almost "free choice" for composite seals. Practical: A list of successfully tested sealing products is enclosed with the drainage products.