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TECEone vägghängd toalett

TECEone – the toilet with shower function

TECEone – Assembly & Maintenance

Everything for easy assembly.


The ceramic with concealed fixing technology can be slid onto the threaded rods in the wall without much effort.

Die verdeckte Befestigung für unser Dusch-WC TECEone.
Concealed mounting technology

The clamping wedge can then be turned upwards via adjusting screws until the ceramic is pulled onto the wall.

Der Klemmkeil mit Stellschrauben von unserem Dusch-WC TECEone.
Clamping wedge with setting screws
Die Wandinstallation von unserem Dusch-WC TECEone.

Quick on the wall:

TECEone is supplied in installation-friendly packaging. For mounting, the shower toilet is pushed onto the wall in the packaging, which helps to relieve back strain. 

The seat attachment

Die Befestigungstechnik des Sitzes von dem Dusch-WC TECEone.

Thanks to innovative fastening technology with factory-prepared and firmly cast bolts, the toilet seat can be simply pushed on and removed again just as easily if required.


No electricity means: no heating elements, no flow heater, no delicate electronics – and less stress. The cartridges can be removed without taking the toilet from the wall. The shower arm and shower nozzle cap can also be replaced very easily.

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1Easy exchange of the volume cartridge
2Easy exchange of the shower arm
3Easy exchange of the cartridge