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TECEfloor – the complete system for underfloor heating

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TECEfloor - Das Sytem für Fußbodenheizung

TECEfloor – the complete system for underfloor heating

TECEfloor – the complete system for underfloor heating

Safety in the system

Das TECEfloor Rohr wird mit einem Tackersetzgerät auf der Tackerrollisolierung fixiert.

An underfloor heating system is an equation with many variables - and the products and suppliers on the market are just as numerous. With TECEfloor, you will find a simple and functional solution - high-quality, safe and durable. The advantage of the TECEfloor complete underfloor heating system is that it's from a single source. You have the certainty that every single part of the heating system is of the highest quality. And you also know that all the components fit together. And not just today, but also tomorrow.

That is why the TECEfloor range offers everything that is needed for a high-quality and safe heating system, fully coordinated with each other.

  • Pipes for the underfloor heating system: thanks to the soft aluminium coating, they are smooth and flexible when laid
  • Polypropylene twin-wall sheet: in future, insulation work can be carried out independently of the installation of the heating system 
  • Underfloor heating distributors: reliably ensure even distribution of heat energy - from small rooms to industrial halls
  • Underfloor heating controls: constant room temperature and hydraulic balancing with the heat distribution system
  • Installation accessories: whether pipe routing bend, pipe calibrator or quick air vent set

Everything from a single source - optimally coordinated and one hundred percent compatible. And with the "Silver Line Quality" label, TECEfloor has its own quality standard that guarantees exactly that.

Quality in the underfloor heating system - down to the last detail

A complete system for underfloor heating is only as good as its individual elements. Even minimal deviations in the manufacturing tolerances quickly cause the tightness in the underfloor heating system to waver. That is why all components for TECEfloor are carefully selected and tested for 100% compatibility.

Das Rohrsystem TECEfloor ist DIN-geprüft.

Silver Line Quality
"Silver Line Quality" is the TECE quality standard for the underfloor heating system. The SLQ quality seal for water-carrying and function-giving parts assures that all components are matched to each other and that operational capability is guaranteed for all individual combinations. All SLQ-labelled components of the TECEfloor system are subjected to in-depth tests in the in-house test laboratory. There, for example, over 150 compression fittings alone are tested with all pipe types in 5,000 runs for their behaviour during temperature changes.

DIN-tested safety
Independent testing brings safety: that's why TECE participates with TECEfloor in the certification programme for plastic pipe and composite pipe routing systems for hot water surface heating systems and radiator connections. Pipes and fittings for the underfloor heating system are certified by an independent institute and tested individually and as a system every six months. All DIN-CERTCO certificates can be found at

In addition to TECEfloor, you can also obtain other high-quality pipe systems from us.

Underfloor heating system in a complete set: the advantages at a glance

TECEfloor simplifies the installation of the underfloor heating system and makes the functionality of the system more reliable. Below you will find an overview of all the advantages that you enjoy thanks to the complete system from TECE:

  • From the underfloor heating manifold to the underfloor heating control: with TECEfloor, everything is coordinated and compatible with each other
  • All components are subject to high standards in production and processing
  • This gives you security for all water-bearing and functional parts
  • The quick design of TECEfloor shortens installation times
  • Completion dates are easy to plan and can be realised more quickly
  • The customer receives a high-quality underfloor heating system that he/she will enjoy for a long time

TECEfloor, the complete system for your panel heating: find exhibitors near you now or contact us if you have any questions!