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Das TECEflex Schibehülsen-Rohrsystem ist extrem verlässlich und fehlertolerant.

TECEflex – the reliable push sleeve system

TECEflex – Fittings & Pipes

Everything done with one tool

The TECEflex metal fitting is a real all-rounder. The metal allows the fitting to be used not only in potable water and heating installations. TECEflex fittings can also be used for internal gas and compressed air installations.

The TECEflex composite pipe combines all the advantages of metal and plastic pipes. It has a high resistance to notched impact and no crack propagation. Thanks to the oxygen barrier layer made of butt-welded aluminium, the TECEflex composite pipe is absolutely diffusion-tight - a decisive advantage for heating connections.

Die TECEflex-Fittinge können sowohl mit dem Aluverbundrohr als auch mit dem Vollkunststoffrohr verwendet werden.

Aluminium composite pipe in dim. 14-63mm

Das TECEflex-Verbundrohr eignet sich gleichermaßen für die Trinkwasser-, Heizungs-, Fußbodenheizungs- und Druckluftinstallation. Das Rohr für die Gasinstallation unterscheidet sich lediglich durch die gelbe Signalfarbe.

For potable water, heating and compressed air installations. 

  • As roll or bar stock
  • With and without corrugated protection pipe
  • Inner pipe consists of PE-Xc base pipe
  • High pressure, temperature and corrosion resistance
  • Approved for potable water, heating, compressed air

TECEflex 5S pipe in dim. 16 & 20 mm

TECEflex - PE-XC 5s

For potable water, heating and compressed air installations.

  • Dimensions 16 and 20 mm
  • Available in rolls
  • Available with or without corrugated protection tube
  • Optimised for rough construction site conditions due to central acid barrier layer
  • TÜV tested for use in compressed air systems

Aluminium composite pipe in dim. 16-63 mm

Das gelbe TECEflex Aluminiumverbundrohr ist die Lösung für Gasinstallationen
  • Range of application for internal gas installations according to TRGI 2018 and TRF 2012
  • According to DVGW approval up to 100 mbar for gases of the 2nd and 3rd gas family (natural and liquid gas)
  • Dimensions 16-63 mm
  • As roll or bar stock
  • With and without corrugated protective pipe