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The reliable push sleeve system

One for all

TECEflex is a plastic pipe installation system with extensive opportunities for use in housing technology. The red brass fittings are certified and approved for use with potable water, heating, gas and compressed air. The special construction of the TECEflex composite pipes also enables universal use The only exception is the yellow outer layer for the gas pipe. TECEflex is therefore a truly universally useable installation system.

TECEflex Stecksystem

For 25 years, millions of reliable pipe connections have been created for drinking water, heating, gas and compressed air with TECEflex. For me, that means consistent quality.


TECEflex – reliable connections for 25 years

For 25 years, millions of pipe connections worldwide have been pressed with TECEflex, all using the same unchanged principle of axial pressing: The pipe is expanded and pushed over the fitting – the pressure sleeve secures everything. Nothing has changed in this underlying technology since the market launch of TECEflex. The scope of performance alone has been expanded through constant additions to the range.

Thus TECEflex became one of the few truly universal plastic installation systems on the market with the introduction of the large pipe dimensions up to 63 mm and the approvals for gas. Where necessary, the system has been adjusted to match new standards and requirements of law so that TECEflex is state of the art when it comes to safety.

TECEflex - Rohr - flexibel

TECEflex Application options

So that cold water remains hygienically cool

When installing bathroom fittings the TECEflex Hygiene Box automatically meets the required standards for drinking water.

The TECEflex Hygiene Box thermally decouples the hot water circulation line from the fitting connection, and therefore reliably prevents heat from being transferred via the fittings to the cold water side.

Made from prefabricated components, it prevents the cold water from being heated above the permissible 25 °C.

TECE Hygienebox

The thermal decoupling of fittings and circulation lines is an important requirement for optimal drinking water hygiene. For me that means one less thing to worry about on site.

Hygienebox - Zitat

Using the Hygiene Box, cold water will remain cold

To develop the Hygiene Box, TECE looked at installation variants where the circulation lines run above the tap connection at a fixed distance. The warm water is supplied by a short stub line running vertically downwards.

This is designed to ensure stable stratification, resulting in thermal decoupling of the hot water pipe and the tap connection. Therefore heat transfer no longer occurs in the tap. In the past circulation lines often led all the way up to the tap to avoid stagnation in the stub lines. However, this led to an inadmissible heating of the fittings and the cold water side.

A long stub line will reduce heat exchange but bears the risk of stagnation.
The TECEflex Hygiene Box provides a simple and effective solution.

Thermally decoupled cold water side

The ready-to-connect Hygiene Box produced by TECE as a result of optimising the process, provides a practical solution to the problem. It guides the warm water pipe above the warm water wall disk. In this short, vertical connection piece between the wall disk and the circulation line, stable thermal stratification is created, resulting in thermal decoupling of the warm water pipe and the tap connection. This prevents unreliable heating of the cold water side, so the fitter won't get any complaints.

The insulated, ready-to-connect TECE Hygiene Box is available by itself for the warm water connection, as an assembly unit with a double wall disk for the cold water connection, and as a sanitary module for the TECEprofil dry-wall system.

Advantages for designers and contractors
  • Drinking water regulations are automatically met - cold water stays cold.
  • Prefabricated components ensure efficient assembly and reliable, safe performance.
  • Insulation shells make it easier to connect the pipe insulation.
  • High compatibility with different pipe adapters.
  • Offers designers and contractors protection from cost-intensive complaints.

The TECE Hygiene Box enables quick and easy thermal decoupling of the cold water.

Two thermal videos taken about 45 minutes after the end of the tapping process:

Connection technology

The TECEflex pipes are permanently connected to the fittings using axial pressing technology. Only the pipe plastic is used as a seal. No additional aids such as O-rings or sealing tapes are required. The O-ring-free connection technology is very error-tolerant and especially hygienic.

To create a TECEflex technology, first the pipe must be expanded. The fitting is pushed into the prepared pipe and the sleeve is slid over the expanded pipe up to the fitting collar.

The TECEflex composite pipes are equipped with an electron beam networked PE-Xc internal pipe. The PE-Xc plastic is characterised by a particularly strong memory effect. This has the effect that the material of the expanded pipe shrinks back over the fitting nozzle. The pressure sleeve additionally secures this connection.

The advantages of the TECEflex connection technology at a glance

  • error-tolerant O-ring-free connection technology
  • specially hygienic connection since there are no gaps for water to stagnate in
  • low pressure losses as the internal diameter of the fitting and pipe are almost the same
  • the axial pressing technology comes with zero requirements for maintenance of the pressing technology Sleeve at the front - connection tight
Video:TECEflex - Push sleeve system


TECEflex offer an extensive range of red brass fittings. The red brass fittings can be used for potable water, heating, gas and compressed air. The fittings come from a red brass material unconditionally recommended by the German Environment Agency (UBA) and recognised across Europe that is suitable for all levels of water quality according to the current drinking water regulations.

Alternatively to the red brass series, the range offers an array of low-cost plastic fittings made of high-performance plastic PPSU. The PPSU fittings can be used for potable water, heating and compressed air installations. These are not approved for use in gas installations.

Advantages of the TECEflex fittings at a glance

  • the red brass fittings are universally approved for any application
  • the fittings are suitable for all quality levels of potable water
  • the fittings are made of either pure red brass or pure PPSU. They are not coated or installed. Simple technology - fewer mistakes

The tradesman has the choice between PPSU and red brass fittings.

TECEflex - Fittings

TECEflex pipe system variants

The three-pipes-one-fitting strategy:

Naturally, the same fittings can be used not only with the composite pipe, but also with the TECEflex 5-layer plastic pipes too. This reduces storage costs and at the same time offers flexible opportunities for assembly on site.

TECEflex - Fitting