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Das TECEflex Schibehülsen-Rohrsystem ist extrem verlässlich und fehlertolerant.

TECEflex – the reliable push sleeve system

TECEflex – Tools & Processing

Creating a TECEflex connection

Expanding, axial pressing and the quality of the connection should succeed regardless of the quality of the tool. With TECEflex, you have a system at hand that allows you to deliver quality step by step.

1. Step: Expanding only once

Admittedly: Expanding is an additional work step compared to radial pressing. However, long-standing TECEflex customers know that this is the basis for the outstanding reliability and fault tolerance of this system! Years of processing without a single leak impressively prove this. In addition, this creates connections with large internal diameters and very good flow properties. In short: Expanding is absolutely worth the effort!

Das Rohr von dem Rohrsystem TECEflex muss vor dem Verarbeiten nur einmal aufgeweitet werden.

2. Step: Axial pressing

Here, the expanded pipe end is powerfully formed by the sliding sleeve and pressed onto the special TECEflex fitting contour. The connection is then watertight and gas-tight and therefore ideally suited for potable water, heating, compressed air and gas.
The highlight: everything with the same metal fitting!

Das aufgeweitete TECEflex Rohr wird per Axialpressung auf die TECEflex Fittingkontur gepresst.

Releasing a TECEflex connection

It can quickly happen that a fitting was pressed onto the wrong pipe at the construction site. With TECEflex metal fittings, this is not a problem, because the connection can be released again with hot air. The fitting can of course be reused.

Eine falsche TECEflex Verbindung kann problemlos mit Heißluft wieder gelöst werden.

Always ready for use

With the manual tools from the TECEflex range, you can easily create sliding sleeve connections up to 32 mm. All you need is an expanding and a pressing tool. What you don't need is electricity, batteries or expensive maintenance costs for the tools.

Pipe Expander RAZ-V

Das TECEflex Rohr kann mit einer manuellen Zange aufgeweitet werden.

With these manual pliers you can expand pipe ends quickly and easily. Marking the insertion depth is not necessary.

Press everything from 16 - 32 mm with one tool

Das Rohr kann nach dem Aufweiten manuell mit dem Druckhülsen-Presswerkzeug HPW-L mit dem Fitting verpresst werden.

Quite simple: with the manual pressure sleeve pressing tool HPW-L. A simple exchange of the fork heads makes the tool quickly ready for use and, thanks to flexible chain hoists and an articulated arm, it can be used in any position.

No need to search and nothing to forget

Both tools together belong in the sturdy tool case so that you can get started immediately on the construction site.

You can find the practical hand tool case in the product database

Für das Handwerkzeug von dem Rohrsystem TECEflex gibt es einen Werkzeugkoffer.

Small and handy from 16 - 32 mm

With the two battery-operated TECEflex RazFaz tools for expanding and pressing, you can also produce sliding sleeve connections in tight installation conditions or very close to the wall. The pressing tool has a double pressing fork so that you can always process two dimensions without changing.

You can find a service partner near you here.

Mit dem elektrischen RazFaz-Werkzeug können Sie das TECEflex Rohr schnell und einfach mit dem Fitting verpressen.
Mit dem elektrischen RazFaz-Werkzeug können Sie das TECEflex Rohr schnell und einfach aufweiten.

It can also be bigger

The TECEflex range offers you the PMA tool set for dimensions from 40 - 63 mm. This is compatible with commercially available pressing machines with 32 kN pressing force. The full functionality of the pressing machine is retained. And of course, the following also applies to this tool: sleeve on = tight!

Für Rohre mit größeren Dimensionen bietet das TECEflex Programm das PMA Werkzeugset, mit dem das Rohr mit dem Fitting verpresst werden kann.
Für Rohre mit größeren Dimensionen bietet das TECEflex Programm das PMA Werkzeugset, mit dem das Rohr aufgeweitet werden kann.