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Housing association in Neustadt

Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Neustadt
Germany , Neustadt

Housing association in Neustadt

Bathrooms renovated per line in just four days - housing association in Neustadt renovates 260 bathrooms with TECEsystem. 

A look at Neustadt an der Weinstraße, located in the southwest of Mannheim. The WBG Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Neustadt an der Weinstraße mbH, which is located there, renovated 260 bathrooms in predominantly four-storey buildings with the TECEsystem - and in occupied condition. The specification for the executing craftsman's company was to use prefabricated sanitary registers for the technically required bathroom renovation, as Volker Weiß, technical authorised signatory of the WBG, explains. The choice fell on TECEsystem. The experience was quickly convincing.

Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Neustadt
Thanks to prefabricated registers, the bathrooms could be refurbished in line with fire protection regulations.

Taking preventive action

Volker Weiß explains: "Fire protection reasons were decisive for the renovation of the bathrooms and shafts. When the buildings were constructed from the 1980s to the mid-1990s, prefabricated registers had already been used. At that time, however, the fire protection regulations were not as strict. We took preventive action to meet current requirements. The company carrying out the work decided on the system solution from TECE. As the client, we did not specify anything, the company was free to make its own choice.

Monday demolition - Thursday completion

Another factor was speed. As the builder explains: "We can renovate four flats on top of each other in only four days: Demolition on Monday, completion on Thursday," explains Volker Weiß. His conclusion: "The refurbishment is going quickly and smoothly, we will also rely on TECEsystem for future refurbishment measures".

Fire and sound protection renewed

Alexander Hartnack, project manager at TECE, has been supervising the measure since the very beginning, even through a forced break due to corona. He also emphasises: "You really can't do it any faster. Section by section, the shafts were also renewed in the process, as the existing shafts did not meet the fire and sound insulation requirements."

Residents benefit from speed

The time factor was also decisive for the residents. This is because the renovation was carried out in occupied condition, which means that the tenants were able to stay within their own four walls during the work and only had to do without their own bathroom for four days.

Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Neustadt
The cladding of the registers was done directly on site by the executing craft company.
Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Neustadt
Thanks to the new registers, a bathroom was brought up to the latest standards in terms of fire and sound protection as well as drinking water hygiene in just four days.

Fotos: Matthias Ibeler

To bridge the gap, the WBG provided one camping toilet per flat and also offered to pay the entrance fee for an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, 
and also offered to pay the entrance fee for an indoor or outdoor swimming pool in order to be able to use the showers there. Other tenants could use the guest toilet of their own flat, which was not connected to the renovated line, or received help from neighbours. 

This refurbishment also benefited from the particularly time-saving cladding of the registers with prefabricated HPL boxing, which the craftsman company carrying out the work was able to take over directly on site. This also contributed to the fact that the renovation could be carried out so quickly. Time-consuming work steps such as adjusting plasterboard, priming, drying and gluing tiles were no longer necessary. Thanks to the new registers, the equipment is up to date in terms of fire and sound protection as well as drinking water hygiene.