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TECEflushpoint – die pneumatische Auslösung für den TECE Octa-Spülkasten


Bei der Entwicklung von TECEflushpoint haben wir  größten Wert auf ein ansprechendes und in jedes  Bad passendes Design gelegt.

Flushing comfort within reach

There are many reasons for an alternative to the classic toilet flush on the cistern - whether it's accessibility, space or design requirements. With TECEflushpoint, you can place attractive pneumatic actuators flexibly within a radius of 1.7 m around the cistern. Simply where it fits best. With just one click and even in addition to the classic flush plate.

Design meets haptics

When developing TECEflushpoint, we attached great importance to an attractive design that would fit into any bathroom. At the same time, all components have been optimally matched to each other so that the actuation is also a haptic experience.

TECEflushpoint Übersicht Baukasten mit Uni Spülkasten

The modular system

All elements for a pneumatic toilet flush with TECEflushpoint can be easily combined in a modular system.

A Toilet module with Uni-cistern
B TECEflushpoint shell construction set for Uni-cistern
C TECEflushpoint fine installation set in various versions