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TECEvelvet toilet flush plate

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Die neue TECEvelvet WC-Betätigungsplatte sieht nicht nur unheimlich gut aus, sie fühlt sich durch das neue Material auch unheimlich gut an.

TECEvelvet toilet flush plate – A Touch of Magic

TECEvelvet toilet flush plate

A touching design.

TECEvelvet is a completely new type of flush plate. Ultra-soft touch, super matte appearance, and absolutely resistant to fingerprints, scratches and cleaning agents. The secret is hidden in the material - an innovative, multi-award-winning material that inspires interior architects, designers and contract planners alike. With TECEvelvet, TECE is using this material for a toilet flush plate for the first time. High-tech, soft feeling - in a consistently linear design by star designer Konstantin Grcic.

  • Low light reflection, extremely matt surface
  • Soft feel
  • Protection against fingerprints

Hightech – Soft Feeling


Under the microscope, the surface of TECEvelvet appears irregular like a hilly landscape. This unique structure diffuses the light rather than reflecting it and gives TECEvelvet its extremely opaque appearance. A new generation of acrylic resins forms a closed surface preventing the ingress of dust and water. An ideal material for the wet room.

FENIX NTM® – made for Design

TECE uses the material FENIX NTM® for the production of TECEvelvet. The innovative, multi-award-winning surface from the Italian material manufacturer Arpa Industriale can be found in office and shop fitting, in exclusive kitchen designs, in furniture construction and in the creation of an exclusive bathroom ambience.

CM_Combo-Image-Grid_FENIX NTM by Arpa Industriale _kitchen.jpg
Konstantin Grcic, industrial designer

To design things that are essential and part of our daily routine in such a way that the unconscious is not disturbed: this made designing TECEvelvet particularly attractive.

– Konstantin Grcic, industrial designer



With conventional installation, TECEvelvet builds up a maximum of five millimetres in front of the wall. When flush-mounted, only an additional gap separates it optically from its surroundings. Particularly effective when installed in wall cladding of the same colour and material with FENIX NTM®.

Urinal electronics

In semi-public environments, the TECEfilo sensor-controlled urinal flush plates complements the FENIX NTM® surface range. TECEfilo-Velvet is available in the same colours as the TECEvelvet toilet flush plate and can also be optionally flush-mounted.


Changing without limits

All TECE flush plates are compatible with the universal cistern from TECE. For renovation and modernisation work, they can be interchanged regardless of series and year. Even after decades. Planning and design in a modular system - made by TECE.