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TECE Octa II Spülkasten Abmessung

TECE Octa II cistern – flat in installation, big in service

TECE Octa II cistern

Perfect for installation in dividing walls

The TECE Octa cistern has a depth of only 8 cm and thus is perfect for the installation in dividing walls

Despite an installation depth of just 8 cm, the TECE Octa cistern makes no compromises with the flushing technology. The installation depth of the Octa cistern has been reduced by 5 cm compared to the Uni cistern especially for installation in dividing walls. No compromises: because with a water volume of 7 l, even the Octa cistern always provides sufficient residual volume for a direct follow-up flush.

Thinking outside the box

Optimal handling despite lower depth: If the drain valve has to be removed during an inspection, it can simply be moved to the top – this making it easy to remove from even narrower cisterns with zero problems.

Nothing spared

Big technology in a little space: despite the smaller installation depth, all of the technical highlights of the Uni cistern are built into the extra-flat Octa cistern range too.

Customised flushing technology

With a depth of just 8 cm and a width of 50 cm, TECE Octa II sets new standards. In terms of systematics – as an element in the TECEprofil system. In terms of efficiency – thanks to new components that make installation even quicker and easier.
And in terms of design – with the full variety of the TECE flush plate range

Features that inspire

Fewer tools, fewer work steps, more time saved on construction site. This is what's behind the installation upgrade for the TECE Octa cistern.

Product highlights

  • Quick-action adapter for quick connections without additional sealing
  • easy-fit flush plate installation. Simply insert and latch. No re-measuring or re-adjustment.
  • Installation tunnel with bare-wall protection: Safe protection against construction dirt
  • "zip" technology for fast bare-wall protection removal: without tools and sharp edges
  • Width 500 mm and depth 80 mm - fits in the smallest walls
  • Therefore compact and space-saving
  • Height-adjustable up to 30 cm - flexibly adapts to an installation site
  • Can be combined with all TECE flush plates

Quickly connected– no sealing required

The new water connection of the cistern has a 1/2” external thread and is compatible with quick adapters.

The cistern’s new water connection has a 1/2" external thread and is compatible with quick-action adapters.
Time-consuming sealing? No longer necessary.

Removed with a “zip”

Cassetta di scarico TECE Octa II

No sharp knives, no sharp breaking edges: with the new TECE Octa II cistern, the polystyrene bare-wall protection sits in an installation tunnel with a “zip” function. The wall is plastered and tiled up to the installation tunnel. Afterwards, the bare-wall protection is simply removed. The installation tunnel can simply be pulled off at the required depth with a “zip”. Dangerous freehand cuts when shortening with a cutter knife are unnecessary here.

Up and down

The TECE Octa II in the TECEprofil frame is also height adjustable.

The TECEprofil toilet module is height-adjustable by up to 30 cm – for flexible adaptation to a wide range of building scenarios.


The TECEprofil toilet module with the Octa II cistern fits almost everywhere with a total width of just 500 mm.

With a width of 500 mm and a depth of 80 mm, the TECEprofil toilet module with Octa II cistern is compact and space-saving for any installation scenario.

Install the flush plate – faster than ever!

With easy fit, installing the flush plate can be done without stress and in one go. No need for readjusting or measuring. This not only saves nerves but also around two thirds of the time! You can see how easy it is in our easy fit installation video.

Of course, you can also continue to install all cisterns and flush plates without easy fit with our new products.

See how: in our tips & tricks videos.

Also perfect in brick-wall construction: TECEbox

For quick and easy installation in brick-wall construction, the TECE Octa II cistern is still available in the TECEbox module for standing and wall-hanging toilets.

1. Octa II cistern, 8 cm, for floor-standing toilet, with reinforcement fabric

2. Toilet module with Octa II cistern, 8 cm for wall-hanging toilet

3. Toilet module with Octa II cistern, 8 cm for wall-hanging toilet, with connection for odour extraction

Den neuen TECE Octa-Spülkasten gibt es auch für den Nassbau im TECEbox-Modul.