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Prefabricated wall modules

TECEprofil - Dry-wall - Modules

The TECEprofil toilet module with proven TECE cistern

Fully pre-assembled and sealed; 10-litre tank volume; 6-litre pre-set standard flush volume, 4.5/7.5/9-litre flush volume can be optionally set at any time; 3-litre partial flush volume for dual-flush technology.

The residual volume is available for immediate cleaning flush. Compatible with all TECE flush plates and can be set as a single or dual-flush cistern.

Trockenbau TECEprofil - Teaser

Proven and well-thought-out

TECEprofil modules are planned down to the smallest detail and leave nothing to be desired in their assembly:

TECEprofil toilet modules are statically self-supporting and durable up to 400 kg.

Thanks to the sound-insulated built-in components, the modules comply with sound insulation standards DIN 4109 and VDI 4100.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1Powder-coated assembly frames made of steel
2Stamped-in metre tear, permanently visible
3Side slits for attachment with corner joints to the profile braces of the support frame
4Drill holes for attachment with metal and wooden post-and-beam structures
5Sturdy crossbeams with four threads - for holding the ceramics securely
6Practical foot brakes for adjusting the module height
7Adjustable supports for floor projections of 0 to 20 cm for attachment to floor or a TECEprofil section tube
8Protective plugs for use on both sides

TECEprofil toilet module – practical und universal

Clever flushing technology in a cleverly designed module. The TECEprofil toilet module is highly universal in application and offers a practical solution for almost all challenges.

TECEprofil WC-Modul – praktisch und universell

Mutually compatible

TECE cisterns and TECE flush plates are always compatible with one another!

Selection of the right toilet flush plate is really not that easy with some cistern manufacturers. Even if the flush plate and cistern come from the same manufacturer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will fit together. It's different with TECE, where selection of the right toilet flush plate is not a problem.

TECEprofil kompatibel

TECEprofil Module

All TECEprofil modules are designed for installation in a TECEprofil pre-wall. With the right accessories, however, they can also be installed as individual modules in front of the wall or integrated in metal or wooden post-and-beam walls. Space-saving installation in the corner of a room is also possible. The module range thus remains a manageable size, and an existing module can be flexibly adapted to new circumstances.

TECEprofil Application options

Special toilet module for children

TECE is presenting a new toilet module, especially designed for children’s standing toilets. The cistern is installed at a lower level so that small children can easily reach the flush as well.

The low seat height of a children’s standing toilet requires a low connection height, increasing the assembly effort for standard products. The building services experts from Emsdetten have therefore developed a pre-wall module, especially for toilets at child-height. The height of the module, made with a self-supporting and soundproof steel construction, is 1120 millimetres. At the lowest crossbeam, there is a drill hole in case a retaining clamp for a drainage elbow needs to be attached. Based on additional holes and slots in the frame, the module can be installed in a TECEprofil wall or a metal and wooden post-and-beam wall. A pre-wall installation as a single module is also possible. In order to allow for the floor design, the foot supports can be height-adjusted up to 20 centimetres. A foot brake, specially-developed and now optimised by TECE, makes one-man installation easier, giving the fitter a clear time advantage. In this module, too, the TECE universal cistern with dual-flush technology is built in. This has been sold in millions.

The only difference being: It is positioned ten centimetres lower so that small children can reach the flush without problems as well.

TECEprofil - Kindermodul
With the new TECEprofil module, children’s standing toilets can be installed without increased effort, despite a lower connection height.

Universal module

It always fits - the TECEprofil universal module

The universal module stands for use in different installation situations. The pre-drilled holes and slits in the frame mean the modules can be

  • installed in a TECEprofil wall and
  • in metal and wooden post-and-beam walls, as well as
  • installed in front of the wall as a single module.

The assembly feet are for floor height adjustment up to a height of 20 centimetres. The foot break specially designed by TECE allows for problem-free single-person installation - a significant time saving for the installer.

TECEprofil -  Universalmodul

TOTO shower toilet

TOTO and TECE: Partnership in all things toilet hygiene

For the top model among the TOTO shower toilets - Neorest - TECE developed a matching module with flush-mounted cistern . The prefabricated toilet module is fully prepared for the assembly of the TOTO Neorest shower toilet so that the shower toilet can be simply connected in the fine construction phase. The toilet modules come from TECE. The ceramics and the motor with a special flush based on the toilet flush of the TECEloop are sold by TOTO Germany GmbH via specialist retailers.

Additional upgrade sets  allow the TECEprofil toilet modules to also be set up in advance for other shower toilet models from TOTO. e.g. TOTO Washlet Giovannoni, GL 2.0 / EK 2.0 / CF.

TECEprofil -  Toto Wc Modul