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TECEdrainpoint S

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The modular system - Compact, Individual, Versatile

TECEdrainpoint S is a point drainage system for the bathroom, basement and terrace. The exceptional feature of the range: every drain has a universal flange. As a result, one and the same drain can be used for liquid and strip composite seals and clamped flange connections.

For the secure and permanent connection to composite seals, a fleece is injected onto the flange. As a result even vertical drain bodies and drains of size DN 70 and DN 100 can be installed directly in the composite seal without an additional raising element. In the case of clamped flange connections with bitumen sealing strips, the compression ring made of stainless steel is simply screwed onto the universal flange that clamps the sealing strip to the drain.

Punktablauf TECEdrainpoint S

The streamlined alternative to confusing "complete ranges"

The range designed as a modular system offers the possibility of combining from all components to produce a drain to meet the respective requirements. Furthermore, there are complete drain sets for the most common requirements.

Each drain model can be combined with a drain top or raising element, and if required can be installed in the screed layer or the concrete of the floor/ceiling. As all interfaces to the drain tops, odour traps or grate frames of the different drains are the same, they all fit and can be combined with each other. There are many advantages to this system compatibility: it simplifies the planning of drainage solutions, makes ordering easier and reduces storage costs.

The drain range is aimed at both new buildings and modernization projects. Especially for old buildings with low floor projection heights, there is an extra-flat DN 50 drain. If, on the other hand, high drainage capacity is more important, a DN 100 drain is available, for example.

TECEdrainpoint S Baukastenprinzip
The TECEdrainpoint S modular principle: individual yet simple

Point, Line, Sealed!

Seal System – the safe, certified sealing standard for TECE drains and shower channels.

What is Seal System?
With Seal System, TECE offers installers and tilers tested safety when connecting composite seals to TECEdrainpoint S drains and TECEdrainline shower channels. The system is inspected by Kiwa TBU, an independent testing institution, based on the test principles required by the building inspectorate in Germany. The functional safety (water-tightness) of the composite sealing products has been tested with the TECE drainage products.

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1TECEdrainpoint S drain
2Seal System sealing sleeve
3One of the 50 tested and certified sealing products

Fire protection set expanded

TECE enhances the FireStop fire protection set for the TECEdrainpoint S point drainage with two sleeves for the drain sizes DN 70 and DN 100. Unlike the DN 50 variants, the sleeves are not installed in the ceiling structure but screwed directly under the ceiling.

The fire protection sleeves consist of housing containing a multilayer structure of intumescent materials. As soon as the temperature starts to increase as a result of a fire, the material foams up. The released foaming pressure is so high that it compresses the drain nozzles, permanently sealing them and preventing the spread of fire and smoke. The FireStop fire protection set has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 13501 for fire resistance classes EI 90 and 120 in combination with PP-HT plastic pipes according to EN 1451.

The sleeves come in DN 90 and DN 110 dimensions and are designed for the TECEdrainpoint DN 70 and DN 100 drains. Unlike the fire-resistant sealing for the DN 50 drain, the sleeves, which have an installation height of only 26.6 millimetres, are not installed in the ceiling structure but are fastened under the ceiling. Backfilling of the penetration is therefore not required which means that the installation is quick and simple.

TECEdrainpoint S - FireStop
The new fire protection sleeve is mounted to the ceiling from below. In the event of fire, the intumescent material expands and closes the drain, safely protecting it from fire and smoke.

Tested and certified

50 sealing products from renowned manufacturers were tested and certified. A list of all successfully tested composite seals is provided with all products. The certificates can be requested at

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