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TECEdrainpoint S

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Punktablauf TECEdrainpoint S

TECEdrainpoint S – the practical point drain

TECEdrainpoint S – modular system

A modular system instead of confusing complete sets.

TECEdrainpoint S total package

A TECEdrainpoint S point drainage always consists of a:
A design grate or tile base
B drain top
C drain

Die verschiedenen Designrost für TECEdrainpoint S fügen sich in nahezu jedes Badambiente ein.

TECEdrainpoint S design grate

Covers for TECEdrainpoint S are available in stainless steel in two designs and sizes (100 x 100 mm / 150 x 150 mm) and also as screwed variants.

In the case of a cover with tiles, the tile piece is placed directly on the frameless tile base or in the tileable channel.

Seven drain sets are available in a complete pack for the most common applications.

New: Factory-fitted sealing sleeve for the modular system

Punktablaufsystem TECEdrainpoint S Rostrahmen Kunststoff

When applying sealing tapes on the construction site, mistakes can sometimes have serious consequences. This risk can now also be minimised at the point drain. In future, TECE will be offering the super-flat drain set 114 and the plastic pipe frame from the TECEdrainpoint range with a factory-fitted sealing collar. This ensures a DIN 18534-compliant connection to the tiler's composite seal.

Drain top

TECEdrainpoint S-Aufsatzstücke

Drain tops for TECEdrainpoint S are available with a plastic or stainless steel grate frame.


Für TECEdrainpoint S sind verschiedene Abläufe, je nach Einbausituation, verfügbar.

The assortment of drains in the TECEdrainpoint S range comprises drains for various installation heights and for DN 50/70/100 drain pipes. All drains are equipped with a Seal System universal flange.


Für den Punktablauf TECEdrainpoint S ist diverses Zubehör erhältlich.

TECEdrainpoint S point drains can be supplemented with a membrane odour trap and hair sieve that can be ordered separately. The TECEdrainpoint S range also offers accessories such as installation aids and fire protection.