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TECEfloor - Das Sytem für Fußbodenheizung

TECEfloor – the complete system for underfloor heating

TECEfloor – Pipes & Fastening

A real partner

Where others cause trouble, the aluminium composite pipe specially developed for TECEfloor is particularly cooperative. The reason: its soft core, which makes it extremely easy to handle.

This works with you - and not against you

Das TECEfloor Aluminium-Verbundrohr PE-RT/AI/PE-RT kann dank seines weichen Aluminiummantels auf einem Abrollwagen angeliefert werden.

As soon as the roll is opened for the first time, it becomes clear that the TECEfloor composite pipe is a new type of heating pipe. Because where others jump out of the mould, it remains supple and relaxed on the unwinding trolley thanks to its soft aluminium coating. It is just as flexible and accepts any shape you give it during installation. And this makes it a cooperative partner, especially with lightweight substrates. 

No more jigsaw puzzles when insulating

TECEfloor Tackerplatte

Insulating underfloor heating systems can be a lengthy and troublesome affair that sometimes turns into a real puzzle game when the underfloor heating system has to be fitted in between the already installed electrical lines. Of course, this also has to be done in consideration of heat and sound insulation. To save time and nerves, there is now a clever addition to the range, the TECEfloor Flat2 tacker plate, which is only two millimetres thick and provides a remedy here. The new polypropylene hollow-chamber tile can be easily laid on different insulation layers on site. The insulation work can thus be carried out independently of the installation of the underfloor heating system. Good for the installer, because he/she saves a time-consuming work step.

Safety in 5 layers

Die TECEfloor Rohre werden in eigener Fertigung und in modernsten Prozesse hergestellt.

TECEfloor five-layer pipes for panel heating withstand even the toughest construction site conditions thanks to their innovative design.

Tested twice
All TECEfloor heating pipes are manufactured in-house using state-of-the-art processes. To ensure product quality and compatibility, all pipes and connections are tested in our own test laboratory and in independent testing in multi-stage procedures.

The location makes the difference

In the rough and tumble of everyday construction work, the outer layer of a pipe can quickly be damaged by scratches and abrasion, especially when laying large areas. With the TECEfloor five-layer pipe, the sensitive EVOH oxygen barrier layer is therefore in the middle and is thus optimally protected from external influences. This makes TECEfloor five-layer pipes particularly suitable for use on large surfaces, such as industrial panel heating systems. 

Bei einem herkömmlichen Rohr liegt die EVOH-Sauerstoffsperrschicht außen.

Cross-section of a conventional pipe with EVOH oxygen barrier layer on the outside.

Bei dem TECEfloor PE-RT 5S-Rohr liegt die Sauerstoffsperrschicht mittig.

Cross-section of a TECEfloor PE-RT-5S pipe with EVOH oxygen barrier layer in the middle.


Beim TECEfloor PE-Xc 5S-Rohr wurde die EVOH-Sauerstoffsperrschicht bewusst in die Mitte des Rohres gelegt, wo sie vor äußerer Beanspruchung, vor Kratzern und vor Abrieb geschützt ist.

The EVOH oxygen barrier layer was deliberately placed in the middle of the pipe, where it is protected from external stress, from scratches and from abrasion.


Das TECEfloor-Aluminiumverbundrohr ist aus hochdichtem Polyethylen mit erhöhter Temperaturbeständigkeit gefertigt. Mit weichem Aluminiumkern, speziell für die Flächenheizung.

Aluminium-plastic composite pipe made of high-density polyethylene with increased temperature resistance. With soft aluminium core, especially for panel heating systems. 

PE-Xa 5S 

Das TECEfloor-PE-MDXc 5S-Rohr ist ein fünfschichtiges Vollkunststoffrohr aus vernetztem Polyethylen mittlerer Dichte. Hochflexibel, speziell für die Flächenheizung.

Five-layer panel heating pipe to DIN 16892/16893 made of cross-linked, high-density polyethylene PE-Xa.