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TECEfloor quick design

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TECEsmartfloor: The truly smart quick design

Astoundingly simple, astoundingly quick: With the new online calculation for TECE, floor heating systems can be calculated in just a few minutes, from pressure loss right through to material summary.

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TECEsmartfloor-Software – Schnellauslegung für Fußbodenheizung

Getting a detailed offer for underfloor heating fast is often not so simple: Either you purchase a software and spend a weekend working out how to use it, or you request a quote from a manufacturer, which can often take up to two weeks. There are also numerous freeware programs, but they often only partially deliver results and usually don't by any means cover all the details on this complex subject. However, the newly developed online application for TECEfloor floor heating shows that a configuration can be simple, but still comprehensive. The program is intuitive to use, has only one input screen, and provides all calculation results in real time, from the circuit length through to the water volume. With one click you receive the material list as a PDF file, a second click and the list is automatically sent to TECE. Within one working day, you get a concrete quote (for your customers).

The calculator even tells you how the heating system can be energetically optimised. Such as, for example, how the same reference values can be achieved even with lower system temperatures. All calculations are stored in the personal project archive and can be accessed and changed at any time. Every user of this free application receives a personal access code for this purpose.

TECEfloor - smartfloor
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