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TECEfloor - Das Sytem für Fußbodenheizung

TECEfloor – the complete system for underfloor heating

TECEfloor – Pipes & mounting hardware

TECEfloor – the pipe range

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3EVOH Sauerstoffsperrschicht

In its own production facilities, TECE manufactures composite and plastic pipes for domestic installation on state-of-the-art machinery. The heating pipes are offered in the dimensions 14 x 2 mm, 16 x 2 mm, 17 x 2 mm and 20 x 2 mm in various material qualities.

Ideal for industrial underfloor heating

The rough everyday conditions of the construction site mean the outer layer of a pipe can quickly be damaged by scratches and abrasion, particularly where large surfaces are laid with pipes. The TECEfloor five-layer pipe is thus designed to be particularly robust. The oxygen barrier layer at its centre is ideally suited for use in industrial underfloor heating.


The EVOH oxygen protection layer has consciously been placed at the centre of the pipe where it stays protected against outside stress, against scratches and abrasion. 


Aluminium-plastic composite pipe made of high-density polyethylene with increased temperature-resistance. With soft aluminium core specially for floor heating.

SLQ PE-RT type 2

Plastic pipe made of high-density polyethylene temperature-resistance. The low-cost alternative.


Five-layer platic pipe made of cross-linked polyethylene in medium thickness. Highly flexible specially for floor heating.

Attachment systems / system plates

TECEfloor underfloor heating – laying the right solution

From the simple bubbe wrap through back-foamed dimpled panels with heat and impact noise insulation through to tacking sheets and pipe mats, TECEfloor offers the desired attachment system for every application.

TECEfloor Projekt und Planung für Fußbodenheizung

Dimple system

TECEfloor - Befestigungssysteme/Systemplatten für Fußbodenheizung

The dimple system is available in three version - with or without (impact noise) insulation. The dimple structure guarantees reliable pipe fixation and allows axial and diagonal laying of pipes in a 6 cm laying pattern. 

Suitable for pipe dimensions 14, 16 and 17 mm.

Underfloor heating pipe

TECEfloor - Verteiler für Fußbodenheizung

Underfloor heating systems are also interesting for use in industrial buildings due to their economic energy consumption. TECE offers a new, five-layer TECEfloor PE-RT pipe with an extra thick outer layer especially for such applications. Sleeve fittings are suitable for this pipe as coupling and manifold connections. 

Tracker system

TECEfloor-Tackersystem für Fußbodenheizung

Impact noise insulation with highly tear-resistant fabric foil for cost-conscious laying. The extra-wide TECE "T8 extra" tacking pin with its special toggle hinge technology offers a particularly perfect hold for the heating pipes. 

The accompanying tacker works reliably and trouble-free. That is why many of our customers have been swearing by tacking pins and trackers for a long time already. 

Screed accessory

TECE Estrichzubehör

TECEfloor offers everything needed for correct laying. Whether its a joint levelling element, expansion gap profile or edge insulating strips; the TECEfloor screed accessory is practical. 

Dry-wall construction system 30/16

TECEfloor - Trockenbausystem 30/16 für Fußbodenheizung

The dry-wall construction system 30/16 is the standard dry-wall construction system in combination with dry screed elements (e.g. Fermacell, Knauf). For a particularly light floor construction with short construction times and zero dying times. A lower construction height or a lower area weight with faster heating times is also possible in combination with thin-bed screeds. 

Universal panel 16/12

TECEfloor - Trockenbausysteme für Fußbodenheizung

The universal panel 16/12 is particularly sutibale for restricted installation heights for integration in the floor, on the wall and under the ceiling. This is possible thanks to the low element height of just 16 mm and using 12 x 1,5 mm heating pipe. The extremely low installation provides optimum controllability of the system. 

Tracker system 10plus

TECEfloor Tackernadeln für Fußbodenheizung

10 mm thick EPF folding tacking sheet for universal laying on customer´s insulation such as suitable mineral wool, EPS and PUR insulation or in renovations on the existing scree. 

Regardless of the requirements for thermal insulation, impact sound insulation, moveable load or installation height, the additional insulation changes buy the tacking sheet always stays the same.