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TECEdrainline - bodengleich

TECEdrainline – attractive without airs and graces

TECEdrainline-Evo – Assembly

Simple, fast and reliable.


A special feature of the TECEdrainline-Evo channel is the three-part construction period protection cover. It simplifies installation and protects the fleece and channel from dirt and damage during the construction phase.

In addition, the shower channel has a factory-fitted Seal System sealing sleeve that only needs to be worked into the composite seal. This eliminates a time-consuming work step.

TECEdrainline-Evo levelling points

To simplify installation even further, TECE has developed plastic levelling points for clipping onto the foot supports of the shower channel.

By placing a tile rail on the levelling points, a wide screed take-off edge is created, which considerably simplifies the alignment of the shower channel and the precise work of the screed layer. Even without a tile rail, the levelling points are a help when aligning the shower channel as a support for the spirit level.

The assembly

Die Montage der Duschrinne TECEdrainline-Evo besteht aus acht einfachen Schritten.

1 TECEdrainline-Evo shower channel

2 TECEdrainline drain

3 TECEdrainline assembly feet

4 Drainbase sound insulation mat

Step 1: The closed channel is placed and aligned in the room. This can be easily achieved with the optionally available mounting feet. The drain pipe can be laid under the gutter to save space.

TECEdrainline Dichtigkeitsprüfung durch den Installateur

Step 2: Leak test by the fitter: the dip rod is inserted into the opening of the transparent bare-wall protection.

TECEdrainline-Evo: Durch Eingießen von Wasser wird die Dichtigkeit der Duschrinne geprüft.

Step 3: Water is poured into the opening. The construction time protection cover does not have to be removed or opened to do this.

Das Originalitätssiegel stellt sicher, dass die Duschrinne den Auslieferungszustand ab Werk hat.

Step 4: When handing over to the tiler, the undamaged seal of originality (1) guarantees the status of delivery of the channel from the factory.

Nach dem Verfüllen mit Estrich wird der Bauzeitenschutz entfernt und die erste Schicht Verbundabdichtung aufgetragen.

Step 5: After filling with screed, the construction time protection is removed and the first layer of the composite seal is applied.

Die Dichtmanschette der Duschrinne TECEdrainline-Evo wird in die Abdichtung im Verbund eingearbeitet.

Step 6: The sealing sleeve is installed in the composite seal.

Vollständiges Aufbringen der Verbundabdichtung um die Duschrinne.

Step 7: Full application of the composite seal

Nach dem Verflliesen und Verfugen der Duschrinne wird die Designabdeckung eingesetzt.

Step 8: After the tiling and grouting: Once the cover has been installed, assembly is complete. The cover can simply be removed for cleaning purposes at any time.