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TECEdrainprofile – dusjprofil

For spørsmål:

Versatile, attractive, clean.

The new freedom in drainage systems: TECEdrainprofile allows the individual design of shower spaces without tile fragments on the sides. The shower profile can be optimally integrated into the shower space in terms of length. This also simplifies assembly and cleaning - with clever details for maximum hygiene and cleanliness with minimal effort.

Duschprofil TECEdrainprofile

Good design, few parts - all possibilities

To keep a clear overview of your warehouse and your product range, we have designed TECEdrainprofile to be a simple modular system solution with only a few components. This lets you implement various installation options quickly and simply using just one shower profile: at the wall, next to the wall or in the middle of the room.

TECEdrainprofile is thus the perfect solution for you - and for your customers’ requirements.

TECEdrainprofile - das Duschprofil und seine Baugruppen

Attractive design – divers applications.

TECEdrainprofile is the ideal solution for a modern shower area design. This is because the shower profile harmonises with almost all materials, structures and colour schemes. Even large format tiles and natural stone floors in particular come into their own in the best way since the floor can be designed without gradient cuts or the use of tile fragments wherever TECEdrainprofile is installed close to or at the wall.

Drainprofile - Ambiente
TECEdrainprofile is available in both high-quality surface variants of polished or brushed stainless steel. Depending on individual taste and in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, they allow you to offer your customers a shower profile that integrates optimally into the shower area as a discreet eye-catcher every time.

TECEdrainprofile – easily installed

The shower profile doesn't just score visually. Even the assembly is quite simple in all working steps. Additionally, TECEdrainprofile offers a range of practical solutions to take structural tolerances into account.

Point. Line. Sealed!

Seal System – the safe, certified sealing standard for TECEdrainprofile, shower channels and drains.

What is Seal System?
With Seal System, TECE offers installers and tilers additional tested safety when connecting composite seals to TECE drainage systems. In addition to the official approval inspections of the composite sealing products (abP or ETA), the functional safety (water-tightness) of the composite sealing products has been tested with the TECE drainage products and Seal System sealing tapes and sealing sleeves. The system is inspected by Kiwa TBU, an independent testing institution, based on the test principles required by the building inspectorate in Germany.

Seal System
Sealing products from well-known manufacturers were tested and certified. A list of all successfully tested composite seals is provided with all products. The certificates can be requested at

From assembly through to cleaning - we’ve thought of everything.

With our new type of shower profiles made of polished or brushed stainless steel, we haven’t just put a lot of emphasis on attractive design but also on everything that simplifies the assembly, sealing and hygiene.

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1TECEdrainprofile gjør det mulig å installere den vegginnbygde dusjprofilen over hele bredden av dusjområdet helt problemfritt.
2TECEdrainprofile kan tilpasses vegger og gulvbelegg med ulike tykkelser.
3Dusjprofilen kan fortsatt finjusteres både horisontalt og vertikalt, selv etter at avløpet er montert i avtrekket.
4Takket være "skyvefunksjonen" kan profildekselet fjernes for hånd, uten noe verktøy.