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Raum und Architektur - Design und Gestaltung
Design & Creation

Space & Architecture

Re-thinking the bathroom.

Thinking holistically for complete solutions

Convincing architecture is consistent from the overall design right down to the smallest detail.

In the bathroom and sanitary areas, TECE supports this approach with its consistent product philosophy: modular, compatible, full of variance in terms of surfaces and materials.

Ideas are expressed freely both outside and inside.

TECE - Haus Sura - Design und Gestaltung

TECEdrainline shower channels form the interface between architecture and housing technology:
They strip function and design right down to the essentials, freeing the bathroom from its limitations.

The result: a uniform, limitation-free floor and space design – for real living spaces.

TECEdrainline - the natural stone cover makes our shower channel virtually invisible..

Bathrooms without barriers.

Totally new bathroom layouts can be designed thanks to our pre-wall systems. The use of pre-wall elements allows for customised interior design as they mean that predetermined installations or housing technology no longer have to be strictly followed. The layout of main usage areas such as the wash area, toilet, bath or shower can be completely rethought and re-structured.

Customised possibilities

New builds or renovations: Through the interaction of wall sections, sanitary systems and shower channels, smaller rooms can also be supplied with all the mod cons and be made to look larger.

So simple and so diverse.

TECE pre-wall systems are designed according to a modular principle. Thanks to their modular construction, a wide range of combinations and therefore great diversity can be achieved in the bathroom.

Universal use with systems – made by TECE

  • All flush plates fit on all cisterns.
  • All toilet ceramics fit on all modules.
  • The result: maximum flexibility when planning and implementing

The path to the bath.

From the first sketches to the finished bathroom, the process should be as easy as possible.

A well-thought-out product system facilitates each step when planning the bathroom.

» Today, the requirements for modern bathrooms are much more demanding than just a few years ago. An unobstructed interior design and efficient planning of all the details are extremely important.« 

Joerg Verwolth, Architekt BDA
Joerg Verwolth, Architect and member of the BDA ( German Architect’s Association )
The contemporary bathroom

Contemporary bathroom design does not mean building extraordinary bathrooms. It is far more important to plan and design a room with the long term in mind. The bathroom must be able to adapt to every life situation – freedom from limitations is the keyword here – you never know when you may want to modernise certain elements without having to rip everything o the wall. The size of the bathroom is not important. Above all, everything depends on ensuring efficient use of space.

Simple and efficient designs

The process is assisted by sophisticated products and planning systems which are actually designed to use space intelligently. The shower area provides a good example of a room which can be further developed. Demarcated wet areas can be designed with free-standing pre-wall systems, shower channels enable a continuous and generous space; and easy access also facilitates practical cleaning. In the home, a rented at or a hotel en-suite bathroom.

Finally, a good bathroom design also clearly depends on the choice of colours and materials – i.e. that extra little something that enhances individuality.

In each case, more than ever before, the bathroom is an expression of personality, and increasing requirements demand well-thought-out solutions.