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Design & Creation

Individuality & Design

Designs with personality.

A bathroom is a personal thing.

The floor space may well be predetermined, but this is not the case for the bathroom’s design. TECE products are aimed at enabling fully customised concepts to be created while sticking to the specified budget.

Grundriss - Badsituation

An excellent layout with an excellent design.

TECE products distinguish themselves through their clear contours and timeless design. Geometric shapes characterise the layout, while the focus remains on function. A variety of surfaces o er a wide range of means of expression.

Aesthetics plus

All TECE toilet flush plates can be flush-mounted to the wall as an option.

TECElux - Auszeichnungen - 6 Stück

On-trend, while planning safely.

TECE is up there with the latest trends. Structured collections are easily accessible and provide safety during guaranteed run times for architects and planners.

Designs with glass

A well-thought-out and harmonious bathroom layout is expressed in every detail. TECE creates its designer products in the form of a collection – for example, the glass collection. Glass is a highly aesthetic and, at the same time, low-maintenance material. The TECE collection includes shower channels, flush plates and floor room thermostats – for attractive, individual applications or for a harmonious overall design.

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1TECEdrainline shower channel
2TECElux Mini flush plate
3TECEfloor room thermostat
Shower channels: quite beautiful, simply practical

And best of all – available in the form of a functionally- and creatively-harmonised collection. TECE shower channels have a technically-modular design which enables safe and e cient planning.

Even if tastes change over the years, the technology remains the same. TECE shower channels are designed to o er maximum individuality and convenience in terms of their materials, shape and colours.

Just a few components – hundreds of possibilities

A TECEdrainline shower channel has a modular design and always comprises:

  • a design grate, a tileable channel or a glass cover,
  • a channel,
  • a drain.

Hotel inspiration.

Designing bathrooms for hotels is a particularly dynamic field.

New concepts are always being tried out in this area, offering international guests a high level of attractiveness. However, attention must also be paid to efficiency.

For both aspects, TECE offers the right products.

Mr. Galal Mahmoud – President GM Architects
Mr. Galal Mahmoud – President of GM Architects
Hotel design trends 

In the eld of hotel design, it is no longer just about designing rooms. It is now much more a case of creating a holistic experience from check-in to the bedroom and from the bath- room to the dining area. It is no longer enough for a hotel to be labelled “Business” or “Leisure”. Today, people want to escape from their routine and try out new things. And they now pay greater attention to well-being. Indeed, the interest in wellness and convenience is steadily increasing.

The result: Hotel rooms are now also required to emanate a greater sense of relaxation and cosiness, and to appear less business-like and uniform. New forms of wellness are becoming increasingly important. The hotel room is a comfort zone where function, intelligence and design are combined. A real place of retreat.

The living area is merging more and more with the bathroom, which makes the room appear more generous, while at the same time allowing greater privacy.

This creates new challenges for architects and planners, regardless of the category in which a property is located. The optimum solution for this can only be an integrative product system. All elements of the visible and non-visible layout are perfectly harmonised in terms of technology and functionality. This means that products from third party manufacturers can also be integrated via open interfaces without any problem.

This is precisely the task ful lled by TECE product systems, which, at the same time, facilitate design and implementation.