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TECE - Ausstellung Academy
Design & Creation

Function & Innovation

Safety in the system.

Innovation means understanding.

The term “innovation” covers a wide spectrum of new developments which can range from platform technologies to playful subtleties. Whether or not such innovations also represent actual improvements is worked out in practice. TECE’s aspiration and incentive has always been to develop products and services that make sense and remain valuable in the long term through an accurate knowledge of customer requirements.

Thinking out of the box

Toilets with a shower function have been a familiar sight in Asia for a long time. However, they are now also set to slowly conquer other cultures.

Up until now, they have been characterised by complex technology and an exuberant design, however, TECE is taking a different approach.

TECEone does not require electricity or unnecessary gimmicks, which makes it suitable for a wide range of use. Timeless design included.

Timeless design included. 

Raus aus der Denkrille - TECEone
TECEone toilet with shower function
Less is more

The greatest skill of design lies in the art of reduction.

TECE’s flush plates take this assertion on board. If desired, a special frame enables flush-mounted installation to the wall.

For an unrestrictedly elegant and simple integration into any bathroom design.

TECEloop Betätigungsplatte – flächenbündiger Einbau der Drückerplatte
TECEloop flush plate
All inclusive toilet convenience

The TECElux toilet terminal offers the perfect combination of timeless design and sophisticated technology.

The highlight: the latest technology is concealed in the pre-wall’s inspection opening behind the glass plate.

The result: contact-free flush actuation, a night light, odour trap, insert chute for cleaning tablets and smooth height adjustment.

TECElux WC-Terminal
TECElux toilet terminal


TECE products meet the highest technical and quality requirements. They can be universally combined within the same range and are compatible with other products from the sanitary sector. The means perfect scalability and safe planning from the home to series housing construction.

Universal use with systems – made by TECE

  • All flush plates fit on all cisterns.
  • All toilet ceramics fit on all modules.
  • The result: maximum flexibility when planning and implementing
Signs of quality

International products require international approvals.

For that reason, TECE’s pipe systems are continuously monitored by a whole range of international external inspection bodies.

Belgium certificates TECElogo