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Proximity is a question of understanding.

Managing directors, André Welle, Hans-Joachim Sahlmann and Dr. Michael Freitag have been responsible for the TECE Group since 2015.

TECE Geschäftsführung

Proximity is a question of understanding.

Managing directors, André Welle, Hans-Joachim Sahlmann and Dr. Michael Freitag have been responsible for the TECE Group since 2015.

TECE Geschäftsführung

Close to you

As a global manufacturer of sanitary products and installation systems, “close to you” is our promise.

We have been operating as an independent, family-run business in close proximity to people and the markets for over 30 years.

Curiosity about our customers’ world leads us to develop well-designed products and services, and will continue to drive our innovative approach forwards in the future.

Water in, water out.
TECE’s core competency is easy to explain. Feed water into the building and then back out again – with that pioneering spirit so typical of the company.

TECE Gebäude
TECE site in Emsdetten

A culture of inquisitiveness.

The company, TECE, has grown through its particular proximity to, and dialogue with, customers.
By means of this approach, our culture of inquisitiveness has taken root and shapes the company’s philosophy.

An eye for innovation

Thomas Fehlings summed up the company’s mission with a simple drawing and the words: “water in, water out”. In this context, not only did he keep in mind the user’s comfort and standard of living, but also the demands of planners, architects, fitters and operators.

90 percent of TECE products operate reliably and invisibly behind a wall or inside a pre-wall installation. Only 10 percent are visible in front of the wall. This includes, for instance, our flush plates and shower channels.

Our system solutions combine permanently safe functions with a timeless design. This combination is representative of the driving force behind our company – making good products even better.

Thomas Fehlings - TECE
Together with Gerd Fehlings, his father, Thomas Fehlings founded the TECE Group in 1987. He was a shareholder and Managing Director until 2014.

Innovation makes all the difference.

Curiosity leads to innovation. TECE has repeatedly set standards in the industry – including on an international level through unique solutions, thanks to the individual advantages that they offer.


How can pipe connections be made simpler and safer?
The answer lies in the TECEflex plastic pipe with its aluminium sheath. Thanks to its O-ring-free fitting, it offers fitters an unprecedented level of mounting safety. It has proven its reliability millions of times over and is used throughout the world.


How does a well-thought-out cistern work?
The answer lies in the TECE cistern. This is the first factory pre-installed cistern to remain sealed during the construction phase. Equipped with dual-flush actuation and a 10-litre tank, it ensures the widest possible use. Today it can be enhanced with a range of high-quality flush plates.


How can showers become even more comfortable?
TECE provides the answer with its shower channels, setting a new standard in bathroom design. Over a million units of the modular system, which comes in various designs, with different functions and levels of quality, have been sold.


What should a shower toilet be able to do while reducing everything to the bare minimum?
The answer lies in the TECEone toilet with shower function. This system combines convenience, design and functionality for a fair price. It dispenses with complicated technology and power – and is simply connected up to the hot water pipe.


How can pre-wall systems be built with minimum effort and expense?
The answer lies in the TECEprofil pre-wall system. This system consists of just three basic components; the specially-developed corner joint and matching section tube enable safe, quick and easy bathroom installation.


How can a toilet be adapted to its users?
With the TECElux toilet terminal, the latest technology is placed behind a wall and covered by an elegant glass facing. It ensures improved hygiene and individual comfort with its contact-free flush actuation unit, odour trap, cleaning tablets and height adjustment, and is universally compatible with virtually any toilet ceramic.


In front of and behind the wall.

Based on three defined areas of competence TECE meets the requirements of architects, planners and fitters:

Close to the markets and people

As a family-run business, TECE believes that partnership is essential to success. After all, innovative products have been, and are being, developed based on its employees’ in-depth understanding of people and the markets.

More about TECE

TECE International


A global family

TECE is a medium-sized, family-owned business. The headquarters are based in Emsdetten. 26 additional sites throughout the world offer competent points of contact, close to you.

A good reference

The Pearl in Riga, Latvia


A good reference
Properties need bathrooms. TECE solutions are used throughout the world in housing sector properties, public and semi-public buildings and private homes.

A world of solutions

Die PVD-Variante Red Gold ist in glänzender und gebürsteter Optik erhältlich.


A world of solutions.
TECE is an innovator in the sanitary installation sector. We make an impact with products that can be used to build an entire world.