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Die WC-Betätigungsplatten-Serie TECEsolid ist besonders robust und bietet Varianten mit manueller und elektronischer Betätigung.

TECEsolid toilet electronics – strong in terms of hygiene

TECEsolid toilet electronics

Touch-free actuation for more hygiene

With the TECEsolid toilet electronics, TECE is expanding its range of flush plates with a touch-free actuation. Just like the TECEsolid with manual actuation, the electronic version of the toilet flush plate is extremely robust and therefore predestined for public and semi-public areas. The self-explanatory dual-flush technology supports water saving and reliably detects the contactless and therefore most hygienic type of flushing.

Hygiene to retrofit

With the 6 V battery version of the TECEsolid toilet electronics, you can easily retrofit a hygiene flush function in cold water networks. The robust flush plate fits on every TECE universal cistern, and power is supplied via a durable and waterproof battery pack. With this retrofit solution, hygiene flush intervals of 24, 56, 72, 168 or 336 hours can be selected. Programming and logging are also simple and intuitive here with the free TECEsmartcontrol app.

Camera technology in the sensor

Thanks to sensor technology derived from camera technology, which is being used for the first time in a toilet flush plate, TECEsolid distinguishes triggering movements from other user movements. This reduces unintentional flushing. The integrated hygiene and interval flush programme can be conveniently programmed via app and makes a further contribution to perfect hygiene in semi-public and public areas.

Berührungslose Auslösung - ToF-Sensor

Time of Flight sensors

ToF (Time of Flight) sensors measure and interpret movements in three dimensions and over time.

TECE is now using this technology in the toilet for the first time. The new sensor measures distances much more precisely than a conventional infrared sensor and can distinguish between movements in the room as well as hand and sitting positions. When a person enters the recognition range, the button areas (single or dual-flush options) light up. Actuation takes place at a distance of about two centimetres between the sensor and the user’s hand. If the user forgets to flush, the program automatically actuates the safety flush.

The touch-free actuation and the safety flush support the hygienic requirements in public toilets.