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Seal System

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Duschentwässerung mit geprüfter Verbundabdichtung - Seal System

Seal System

Seal System - composite seal, independently tested

Mit dem Seal System-Logo haben Sie geprüfte Sicherheit beim Anschluss von Verbundabdichtungen für Duschrinnen, Duschprofile und Punktabläufe

An end to intensive research. With Seal System, fitters and tilers
have tested safety when connecting composite seals for shower
channels, shower profiles and point drains.

Absolute reliability thanks to testing by the professional

The Seal System tests were conducted by Kiwa TBU GmbH, Greven, a testing
house accredited by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). The tests are performed in accordance with the applicable testing principles for seals in
conjunction with tile and slab floor coverings.

Seal System - tested for practical application

The market offers a wealth of sealing products that vary regionally or simply according to the preference of the person using them. It's understandable that each craftsman likes to use their own personal favourite.

The problem: the relevant combination of drainage product and composite seal often goes untested. And this is exactly where Seal System comes in. An independent institute was contracted to test the tightness of TECE drainage products and numerous composite seal products from well-known manufacturers as part of a comprehensive combination test. All test pieces were subjected to a 20 cm high water column for a period of 28 days.

The result: almost 600 individual test certificates that document suitable combinability. Designers and tradespeople now have proven assurance and almost “unrestricted freedom” when it comes to the composite seal. Practical: a list of the successfully tested sealing products is supplied with the drainage products.