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Almost too beautiful for public toilets

TECEsolid targets the market segment of public and semi-public toilets – areas where aesthetics are not exactly the top priority. Here the plate is visually and functionally something quite nice.

The design is reduced-puristic and yet easy to read: A large button, a small button – dual flush technology, of course suitable for all TECE universal cisterns.

TECEsolid Betätigungsplatte

Sturdy stainless steel flush plate

The flush plate, which is only six millimetres thick, is manufactured in a sturdy sandwich design: A two millimetre thick metal plate protects the plastic supporting frame against public hostility, especially with high user frequency.
It can be screwed together in a concealed manner for protection against theft.

Rubber buffers under the buttons reliably prevent rattling noises during actuation, and provide a pleasant material feeling. The sturdy toilet flush plate measures 220 x 150 millimetres, and the surface is available in brushed stainless steel with or without anti-fingerprint coating.

It is alternatively available in matte white or glossy and in glossy chrome.
The matching urinal flush TECEsolid is available as a manual or electronic version (TECEfilo-Solid) with infrared sensor.

TECEfilo-Solid Urinal-Betätigungsplatte - Grau