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TECEfloor - Das Sytem für Fußbodenheizung

TECEfloor - the complete system for underfloor heating


All thought out, all tested, all fits!

When it comes to floor heating, TECE has long been a specialist: In the 1980s, the company launched the first diffusion-tight composite aluminium pipes on the market.The TECEfloor range is therefore the result of decades of experience in the area of floor heating.

TECEfloor - Verteiler und Regelung für Fußbodenheizung
  • Floor heating and cooling for new construction and modernisation
  • Complete system for over 30 years
  • Guaranteed compatibility of all components
  • "Silver Line Quality" (SLQ) - DIN-tested safety
  • Technically and optically ambitious solutions

TECEfloor is a complete system

TECEfloor - Das Sytem für Fußbodenheizung

TECEfloor consists of heating pipes, installation accessories, manifolds and control technology.

TECEfloor emphasises quality

All components are carefully selected and have been tested for 100% compatibility.

Compatibility & Quality

We have high quality demands for our underfloor heating system. This manifests in the label "Silver Line Quality" (SLQ). It stands for tested quality and the guaranteed compatibility of all components.

SLQ – for water-bearing and functional parts

The tight production tolerances of the heating pipes in TECEfloor are perfectly tailored to the support and clamping ring of the clamped joint. The O-ring of the clamped joint provides accurately dimensioned sealing in the manifold's Eurocone. In the servomotor, not only the union nut but also the lifting and closing dimension are adjusted to match the valve insert of the manifold.

SLQ Silver Line Quality