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All thought out, all tested, all fits!

When it comes to floor heating, TECE has long been a specialist: In the 1980s, the company launched the first diffusion-tight composite aluminium pipes on the market.The TECEfloor range is therefore the result of decades of experience in the area of floor heating.

TECEfloor - Verteiler und Regelung für Fußbodenheizung

TECEfloor is a complete system

and consists of heating pipes, installation accessories, manifolds and control technology.

TECEfloor emphasises quality

All components are carefully selected and have been tested for 100% compatibility.

TECEfloor - Das Sytem für Fußbodenheizung

Attractive RTL box

Temperature controller in real glass.

With the new RTL Box, TECE launches a visually pleasing floor heating regulator with a real glass cover and an attractive aluminium dial. Thanks to its attractive design and compact dimensions, the box doesn’t need to be hidden and can be installed in a user-friendly way at light switch height.

Conventional return temperature limiters (RTLs) are primarily purpose-designed. When developing the product, the design is often too short. Consequently, the RTLs are often placed at ground level, if possible in a concealed way, which does not exactly facilitate user-friendliness. TECE takes a different approach with the TECEfloor RTL Box, which looks really good! The seven-millimetre flat real glass cover is available in a choice of black or white. The thermostat dial made of anodised aluminium lends a high-quality look and feel. At a compact size of 104 x 124 millimetres, the box is up to 60 percent smaller than most competitors’ products.

The box with fine installation set in white and black glass. The thermostat dial made of anodised aluminium lends a high-quality look and feel.

Control devices also influence the appeal of the room. This attractive solution looks good and is easy to operate.

TECEfloor - RTL-Box
TECEfloor design RTL box
  • Real glass surface with ceramic screen printing
  • Bevelled and polished edges
  • Dimensions only 10 x 12 cm approx.
  • Only protrudes 2.5 cm into the room
  • Thermostat head made of anodised aluminium
  • Inlet and return flow exchangeable

TECEfloor Design RTL Box bare-wall and fine installation set

Bare-wall set consists of:

  • Wall-mounting box with presettable control valve, presettable RTL valve and thermostat valve
  • Bare-wall protection and 3/4” Eurocone connection adapter
  • Installation depth: 65–90 mm

Fine installation set consists of:

  • High-quality cover plate design made of real glass
  • Thermostat head made of anodised aluminium
  • Plastic mounting frame
  • Mounting plate for depth adjustment
  • Dimensions of the cover plate 104 x 124 x 7 mm (W x H x D)

Design thermostat base DT 230 V and DT design thermostat cover

  • Base plate with electronic control for all TECEfloor DT design thermostat covers
  • Can be installed on a flush-mounted socket or directly onto the wall
  • Dimensions incl. design cover: Diameter approx. 105 mm, depth approx. 27 mm

Available in two designs:

  • DT 230 V / 1.8 A - max. 10 drives per 3 W
  • DT 24 V / 1 A - max. 5 drives per 3 W
Perfect fit:
TECEfloor RTL Box

The thermostat dial made of anodised aluminium lends a high-quality look and feel. At a compact size of 104 x 124 millimetres, the box is up to 60 percent smaller than most competitors’ products.

In practice, it often occurs with conventional RTL boxes that the thermostat dial protrudes a long way out of the wall, depending on the wall layout. TECE has developed a mounting plate with a special depth adjustment system, which always provides a consistent appearance - in all rooms, on every wall.

The box can also be positioned at the usual light switch height. This avoids inconvenient operation involving stooping down to floor level.

TECEfloor RTL-Box
The box only protrudes 2.5 cm into the room regardless of the wall type.
Glass along the line:
TECEfloor wall thermostat

Thanks to its high-quality glass surface the TECEfloor design thermostat even looks good in a modern, architecturally-challenging environment. With an outer diameter of 104 mm, the thermostat is recognised as a discrete design element and also perfectly covers the flush-mounted sockets of standard thermostats in the event of replacement.

Efficient individual room control

  • Circular room thermostat with minimalist design
  • The real glass cover is available in different colours
  • Highly creative design in comparison to conventional thermostats
  • Blends perfectly with the TECElux and TECEloop design series
TECEfloor - Designthermostat
Real glass covers available in white, black and orange.

Compatibility & Quality

We have high quality demands for our underfloor heating system. This manifests in the label "Silver Line Quality" (SLQ). It stands for tested quality and the guaranteed compatibility of all components.

SLQ – for water-bearing and functional parts
The tight production tolerances of the heating pipes in TECEfloor are perfectly tailored to the support and clamping ring of the clamped joint. The O-ring of the clamped joint provides accurately dimensioned sealing in the manifold's Eurocone. In the servomotor, not only the union nut but also the lifting and closing dimension are adjusted to match the valve insert of the manifold.

SLQ Silver Line Quality

TECEsmartfloor – the intuitive quick design

Do you want to quickly and easily calculate everything you need for an underfloor heating system? You can do this thanks to TECEsmartfloor. From pressure loss and material lists to circuit length and water volume, the smart, quick design with its intuitive user interface calculates everything you need in just a few minutes. And in just one click, you will receive a detailed calculation and material list from us.

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TECEsmartfloor-Software – Schnellauslegung für Fußbodenheizung

Pipes and connection technology

TECEfloor – the pipe range

In its own production facilities, TECE manufactures composite and plastic pipes for domestic installation on state-of-the-art machinery. The heating pipes are offered in the dimensions 14 x 2 mm, 16 x 2 mm, 17 x 2 mm and 20 x 2 mm in various material qualities.

TECEfloor - Rohre und Verbindungstechnik für Fußbodenheizung

TECEfloor heating pipe - the right pipe for every requirement

Attachment systems / system plates

TECEfloor underfloor heating – laying the right solution

From the simple bubbe wrap through back-foamed dimpled panels with heat and impact noise insulation through to tacking sheets and pipe mats, TECEfloor offers the desired attachment system for every application.

TECEfloor Projekt und Planung für Fußbodenheizung

Ideal for industrial underfloor heating

The rough everyday conditions of the construction site mean the outer layer of a pipe can quickly be damaged by scratches and abrasion, particularly where large surfaces are laid with pipes. The TECEfloor five-layer pipe is thus designed to be particularly robust. The oxygen barrier layer at its centre is ideally suited for use in industrial underfloor heating.

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3EVOH Sauerstoffsperrschicht

Manifolds and controls

TECEfloor Manifold Type Logo – It couldn't be easier!

The new stainless steel manifold from TECE is designed for use with pre-assembled push-fittings. That makes connecting pipes significantly easier. In addition to the innovative connection technology, the new stainless steel manifold also offers a large chamber volume and, as a consequence, less loss of pressure in the manifold system.

  • No need to struggle with an open-ended spanner
  • No twisting pipes – twist-free joints
  • It is impossible to get the insertion depth wrong
  • Using a special tool it is possible to undo the joint at a later date – and reuse the fitting

TECEfloor - manifold and expansion technology

The two-way and three-way plastic manifolds from TECE can be easily connected with just two rotations and can be combined with each other as desired - up to a 12-way manifold. This simplifies storage and increases flexibility on site: If an additional heating circuit is required, two two-way modules, rather than one three-way module, are simply used.

TECEfloor - Zweifach- und Dreifach-Kunststoffverteiler Fussbodenheizung
The manifold range includes stainless steel and plastic manifolds as well as manifold cabinets in various sizes. All manifolds undergo a 100% functional and tightness test in production.