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Der Postwirt

Der Postwirt
Germany , Kipfenberg

Gasthof-Hotels Der Postwirt

Today, the picturesque centre of the Upper Bavarian market town of Kipfenberg lies where the Limes, the border wall built by the Romans, passed through 2,000 years ago. Here, at the geographical centre of Bavaria, you will also find the 300-year-old parent house of the Gasthof-Hotel Der Postwirt. Situated between the medieval castle of Kipfenberg and the Michelsberg in the idyllic Altmühltal Nature Park, the lovingly run family business welcomes its guests with traditional Bavarian hospitality and a natural ambience. 

The unmistakable Jura ambience with lots of wood, warm colours and a rustic feel-good atmosphere has been interpreted in a modern way with great attention to detail in the new hotel building, which was completed in 2021.

Der Postwirt

Old Bavarian tiled stoves and historic beams complete the cosy romantic ambience in the rooms of the Postwirt.

In the 24 lovingly furnished single, double and multi-bed rooms of the Postwirt, typical Bavarian décor, natural wood and local craftsmanship meet modern glass elements, clear lines and open room structures. 

The bathrooms of the new hotel rooms were designed to be modern and inviting with sand-coloured tiles, floor-level showers and geometric shapes. The sanitary technology is also state-of-the-art and impresses with its elegant design and reliable functionality.

In the toilets of the bathrooms, 24 TECEvelvet actuator plates were used, which offer an extraordinary user experience thanks to their ultra-soft feel and matt appearance.

The toilets in the restaurant in the new building were also fitted with TECE products: The slate trim of the nine TECEloop flush plates continues the natural design in the Postwirt, while the geometric shapes provide a modern touch.

Four TECEfilo Velvet urinal flush plates were also installed in the men's toilets, which enable contactless and therefore particularly hygienic operation thanks to sensor electronics. In this way, the sanitary technology from TECE harmoniously rounds off the well-thought-out overall concept of the Hotel Der Postwirt with timeless design and functional user comfort.

All photos:  © Treffer GbR "Der Postwirt" 

Der Postwirt