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Potrubní systémy

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Das Rohr und der Fitting aus dem Rohrsystem TECEflex werden mit einem Axialpresswerkzeug verbunden.

TECEflex - composite pipe with sliding sleeve system

The universal pipe system with push sleeves

  • The reliable push sleeve system
  • Suitable for potable water, heating, gas and compressed air installation
  • Comprehensive range of components and fittings
  • Fittings available in red brass and plastic
  • PPSU fittings available in 16 - 40 mm as low-cost alternatives
Für das TECElogo-Push System sind ihre Hände das beste Werkzeug.

TECElogo - Pipe connectors

The quick push-fit connector system for multi-layer composite pipes

  • Simple manual installation
  • Suitable for potable water and heating installations
  • Also available in large dimensions
TECEfloor - Das Sytem für Fußbodenheizung

TECEfloor – the complete system for underfloor heating

The complete range for floor heating

  • Floor heating and cooling for new construction and modernisation
  • Complete system for over 30 years
  • Guaranteed compatibility of all components
  • "Silver Line Quality" (SLQ) - DIN-tested safety
  • Technically and optically ambitious solutions