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Duschrinne TECEdrainline
TECEdrainline (pictured with stainless steel cover) ensures direct and rapid water drainage without backwater in the area. The channel body does not have any gaps or screws and is therefore particularly easy to clean.

Floor-level, aesthetic, proven a million times over: The TECEdrainline shower channel turns 15 years young

15 years ago, TECE brought line drainage into the home bathroom, thereby attaining a decisive influence on bathroom architecture. Floor-level, barrier-free showering on a continuously tiled bathroom floor replaced the shower tray and the shower channel established itself as the new standard. Since then, TECEdrainline has been continuously developed and has set standards time and time again. Now the successful product is celebrating its 15th birthday.

Until the beginning of the 2000s, large kitchens and swimming pools were the classic places for use of line drainage systems, where they proved their worth under extreme continuous loads. These include temperature changes, mechanical influences, the use of aggressive media and high hygiene requirements. All-round closed capillary protection edges prevent the penetration of draining and accumulating wastewater under the adjacent tiles. The TECE designers have transferred this tried-and-tested technology with its robust and hygienic features to the private bathroom.

New spatial effect

That was 15 years ago and was the beginning of the success story of TECEdrainline, which was a major driving force behind the shower area becoming a design highlight in the bathroom – because with it, uniform floors can be implemented right into the shower area. In addition to the variants made of glass in different colours and various design grates made of stainless steel, there are even tileable recesses and the natural stone channel, where the same floor covering can be used on the cover of the channel as in the rest of the bathroom. The modular system of drains for the most diverse requirements has also contributed to the long-term success of this quality product with plumbers and customers.

Nothing now stood in the way of planning open-plan bathrooms: if there is enough space, shower partitions can be dispensed with and any splashing water out the side can simply be drained off. Since there are no thresholds, the shower channel is also suitable for barrier-free and elderly-friendly bathrooms. Even small bathrooms benefit from the generous spatial effect created with TECEdrainline. Other design options have also opened up: continuous tile patterns or even small pedestals or steps to visually delimit and accentuate the shower area.

The linear drainage system ensures overall that water flows off directly and quickly without backing up in the area. In terms of slip resistance, the shower channel in combination with tiles offers an aesthetic and hygienic alternative to the anti-slip mat that is still widespread in shower trays. The cover of the TECE shower channel can be easily removed for cleaning, so that the seamless stainless steel channel body can be wiped out effortlessly. An internal gradient also assists the self-cleaning effect.

Bodenebene Duschentwässerung, offene Raumwirkung - TECEdrainline
Floor-level shower areas and a uniform floor design have been possible since the market launch of TECEdrainline and give the bathroom a new, unprecedented open spatial effect.

Verified safety

An important driving force behind the success of this product is Seal System, a large-scale combination test of drainage products from TECE and numerous composite sealing products from well-known manufacturers, carried out by independent institutes. There are now almost 600 individual test certificates here, which document combined suitability and provide security for sealing and in questions of liability at the critical interface between sanitary, heating and air conditioning installers and tilers.

Since the market launch of TECEdrainline, the shower channel has proven itself millions of times over and has been constantly enhanced with clever details that make it easier to install and use. The latest addition to the TECE portfolio and a symbol of the evolution of the shower channel is TECEdrainline-Evo. As there is a demand from tilers for secondary drainage, with TECEdrainline-Evo the user also has the option of backflow-proof secondary drainage without having to forego the hygienic advantages of a capillary protection edge. Secondary drainage is possible for this type of channel by removing the immersion pipe thanks to a cleverly constructed double lip seal. 

The installer-friendly details include a Seal System sealing sleeve attached at the factory, which speeds up incorporation into the composite seal and minimises liability risks for the trades carrying out the work. In addition, a well thought-out protective construction cover reliably protects both the sealing sleeve and the stainless steel channel body from damage and contamination. Even the leak test can be performed by the installer without having to open the protection. This cover is only removed once the composite seal is applied. A seal of originality documents the status of delivery from the factory at handover between the trades. The latest improvement are the levelling points at the feet of the channel body, which assist levelling of the screed.

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Mit den neuen Nivellierpunkten erleichtert die Duschrinne TECEdrainline-Evo die Arbeit für den Estrichleger.
TECEdrainline-Evo is the installer-friendly further development of the shower channel with a clever construction period protection cover that protects both the channel and the factory-fitted Seal System sealing sleeve from damage and dirt during the construction phase. New levelling points at the feet of the channel optimise screed removal.