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TECEsolid WC-Elektronik verfügt über eine berührungslose WC-Elektronik. Sie ist eine robuste und wassersparende Betätigung für den öffentlichen Bereich und verfügt über eine selbsterklärende Zwei-Mengen-Spültechnik.
New flush concept for public toilets – the TECEsolid family

New flush concept for public toilets – the TECEsolid family

Strong in terms of hygiene

As a driver of innovations for the toilet, TECE is adding touch-free toilet electronics to its product range: TECEsolid is a robust and water-saving flush for public areas and has a self-explanatory dual-volume flush system.

An innovative sensor taken from camera technology is used here for the first time. It detects precisely the touch-free actuation of the dual-volume flush system and distinguishes from other movements of the user to reduce unintended flushing. The new TECEsolid has an integrated hygiene/interval flush programme and can be programmed via an app.

Measuring time and space

ToF sensors measure and interpret movements in three dimensions and over time. TECE is now using this technology in the toilet for the first time. The new sensor measures distances much more precisely than a conventional in fared sensor and can distinguish between movements in the room as well as hand and sitting positions. When a person enters the recognition range, the button areas (single or dual-flush options) light up. Actuation takes place at a distance of about two centimetres between the sensor and the user’s hand. If the user forgets to flush, the program automatically actuates the safety flush. The touch-free actuation and the safety flush support the hygienic requirements in public toilets.

Berührungslose Auslösung - ToF-Sensor
The actuation can be activated touch-free.

The TECEsolid family

Puristic design, robust installation, attractive price – attributes that make the flush plate series TECEsolid particularly interesting for use in public and semi-public areas. The plates have a resistant, two millimetre-thick stainless steel surface and can be screwed concealed for reliable protection against theft.

However, the optionally electronic or manual flush plates cut a good figure on toilets and urinals mainly because of their clean look – and do so in a wide range of furnishing categories: from the simple or upmarket property to the sophisticated private bathroom. The choice of surfaces is complete: brushed stainless steel with or without anti-fingerprint coating, in matte or bright white as well as in bright chrome. The technological flagship of the family is the new, touch-free, dual-volume flush system for toilets.

The TECEsolid flush plate is available in brushed stainless steel, bright chrome, bright white and matte white
The TECEsolid flush plate family consists of Urinal and toilet flush plates with manual and electronic actuation.

TECEsolid ensures potable water hygiene

Regularly replacing the water in the potable water installation prevents stagnation and thus prevents the growth of micro-organisms and risks to health. TECEsolid has an integrated interval flush for the cold water line. The flush interval can be programmed via the app: 24, 56, 72, 168 or 336 hours are available to choose from. An automatic logging function documents all flush cycles. Important safety argument: The operator is required to ensure public safety in accordance with VDI/DVGW 6023 and can therefore provide evidence of the intended operation of the potable water system in case of doubt.

Die TECEsolid WC-Elektronik hat eine Hygienespülfunktion für die Kaltwasserleitung integriert.

Simply programmed by app

A free app for the flush systems is available in the familiar app stores. It can be used to control the following programming functions:

  • Touch or touch-free 
  • Single or dual flush
  • Recognition range sensors
  • Lighting strength, lighting duration of the sensor areas
  • Hygiene/interval flush for cold water
  • Pre-flush
  • Safety flush (if flushing has been forgotten)

The TECEsolid toilet electronics are available from September 2020.