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Tapete statt Fliese - Baddesign von der Rolle

Bathroom design off the roll - Changing wallpaper instead of a backsplash

Wallpaper in the bathroom - does it even work? With the right technology, wallpaper can lend the bathroom an individual style and fit your lifestyle.

Contemporary bathroom design

Bathrooms are renovated on average every 20 years. Barely any tiling style survives that kind of timespan without becoming outdated at some point and appearing stale. Relics from overhauled living tastes are often slumbering behind bathroom doors - that can't be tackled due to the high level of renovation required. A change causes noise, dirt, costs time and money. The findings: tile mirrors in colours that are no longer quite so tasteful today are consequently preferably tolerated than swapped out. Wallpapers are a good alternative for getting away from outdated design. Wallpapers have no joints - and also have a whole host of advantages. Above all, however, they lower the renovation threshold. With the right accessories and colour-coordinated operating elements, a simple bathroom is quickly transformed into a baroque bathscape.

Choosing the right wallpaper

Naturally, moisture in the bathroom means not all wallpapers are suitable. Normal paper wallpapers would peel off with time. In the worst case, they would become completely soaked first, which can lead to an unnoticed build-up of mildew behind the wallpaper. Fleece wallpapers, however, stand out with their resistance to water and permeability to steam, which they breathe out and thereby quickly dry out. A positive side-effect: tearing off wallpaper is so yesterday. When it's time to change the wallpaper or even the style, fleece wallpapers can be removed from the wallpaper with zero effort.

The seamless bathroom design

In our example of both bathrooms with the same floor area, it becomes very clear how impressive the change in style can be. What was once a baroque bathscape can be transformed into a modern and opulent bathroom thanks to a change of wallpaper and the right accessories. The icing on the cake here is the housing technology control elements: as a result e.g. toilet flush plates from TECE can be ordered with various metallic surfaces or in the colour tones of your choice from the entire RAL and NCS palette. This thus unlocks completely new design freedom for the bathroom owner or bathroom designed down to the finest detail. No matter whether it's pompous or avant-garde.

Tapete statt Fliese - Baddesign von der Rolle
Enjoy pomp? Jointless floral ornamentation is no problem with wallpaper. Just take a look at the toilet flush plate in a free selection of colours that integrates perfectly.