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TECE Installation Qualität - Montage
Installation & Assembly


Reliable – permanently.

A pipe for life.

At TECE, quality means permanently-functioning sanitary installation systems.

Such as the TECEflex pipe system. Thanks to its superior reliability, the same, unchanged system is still installed throughout the world today.

TECE Installation Qualität - Montage Rohrsysteme
TECEflex has also been approved for gas installations in many countries.
Connect easily

Install flawlessly

TECEflex is an error-tolerant system. The particularly thick- walled pipe is expanded before simply being pushed over the O-ring-free fitting with the pressure sleeve.

The expansion means that there is minimum pressure loss in the connection. Even gas applications can be installed with a reliable seal.

One system for all situations

TECEflex is an all-rounder among pipe systems. The system has been approved for drinking water, heating, gas and compressed air. The O-ring-free connection technology offers maximum safety.

Laboraty endurance testing.

At TECE, it’s not just the individual components that are tested for functional safety – the interaction of all the components in the entire system is also inspected.

Pushed to the limits

TECE runs its own laboratory with automated test benches for fatigue and endurance tests.
This is where the minimum values required by respective standards are monitored, and, beyond this, the actual application limits of products and systems are determined.

All-round protection

Our quality assurance process goes through many stages and starts testing the raw materials even before production. The individual manufacturing steps involved in the production process are then inspected. Prior to the inventory valuation, tests are carried out on the final product, either individually or as part of the overall system.


Reliable quality

  • Fatigue tests in our own laboratory
  • Tests by independent institutes
  • Inspections during series production

On the safe side.

Whether in a detached house, a residential building, a nursery school or a hotel, TECE products comply with the entire range of legally required approvals at an international level.


Independently tested

Independent testing bodies such as the “Fraunhofer-Institut” test individual components and complete bathroom wall sections, in some cases in extremely demanding structures. The test certificates issued by this institute form the basis for approvals and certificates.

Signs of quality

International products require international approvals.

For that reason, TECE’s pipe systems are continuously monitored by a whole range of international external inspection bodies.

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