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An all-Inclusive package that solves problems.

Für höhere Produktivität am Bau muss zukünftig viel stärker mit System gearbeitet werden. TECE kann auf 20 Jahre Erfahrung mit vorgefertigten Sanitärwänden und -schächten zurückgreifen.

We know that you would love to avoid construction delays, bad profi ts, material defects and angry customers. TECEsystem helps you with this. Because it's more than a good product concept and off ers more than strong service.

TECEsystem – more than simply the sum of its parts

With the sanitary walls and shafts from TECE you can finally avoid nasty surprises during construction.Industrial prefabrication with TECEsystem gives you the
greatest possible planning security: Deadlines are fixed in from the start, fewer trades confl ict with one another than normal and the risk of construction delays is minimised.

A proprietary quality process guides you from the planning and logistics through construction support to the after-sales service. The quick and easy installation of systems reduces assembly costs. Staffi ng bottlenecks due to a lack of specialists
are non-existent.

Since we prefabricate everything in our own factory, we guarantee a quality standard that exceeds that of standard construction site assembly. Everything is optimally coordinated. Naturally, this meets sound insulation and fi re protection  standards.

Missing coordination in the construction process

Investors and architects, designers and fitters: They can all tell you a thing or two about how many construction sites are in a sorry state. New build and renovation projects are repeatedly subject to shortcomings, there is a lack of readiness to cooperate from factories and specialists, insufficient preparation, coordination and documentation. As a result: construction delays. With all of the consequences that comes with.

Avoid delays with TECEsystem construction

With its prefabricated products, services and quality process, TECE ensure that the MEP installation doesn't result in a delay to construction. So no more time is required than originally planned. Everything is delivered just-in-time. Delays due to correcting faults are as good as non-existent with the solutions from TECE. After all, the complete delivery and simple assembly of the prefabricated sanitary walls avoid additional coordination efforts.