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TECEprofil schmale Trennwaende
A half-height pubic wall at the toilet or a privacy wall to separate the shower area can now be realised in a space-saving way thanks to two new components for TECEprofil.

TECEprofil: slimline privacy walls

With the introduction of two new components, TECE enables the construction of slimline privacy walls without fixtures. They use less space and create more structure and privacy in the bathroom.

With the option of slimline privacy walls with a depth of just 69 millimetres (including 2x18 mm planking), TECE is responding to the request of many plumbers who prefer a space-saving solution when no fixtures are planned in the wall. Privacy walls divide the bathroom into different functional areas and offer the user more privacy: for example, as a simple pubic wall at the toilet or as a partition for a shower area.

Until now, the TECEprofil installation guidelines only allowed a minimum thickness of 206 mm for the construction of partial-height walls that are hinged on one side, as these require a correspondingly wide support leg when fixed on one side. In order to achieve the slimming down to just 69 millimetres, TECE has developed a new double support and a new insertion support for TECEprofil.

They enable the installation of a privacy wall with only one TECEprofil profile pipe, which is only fastened to the unfinished floor and a solid wall. This makes it possible to create slim screen walls that are up to two metres high from the finished floor and up to 1.4 metres wide from the solid wall. At the same time, they are designed to be so stable that they more than meet all the challenges in the bathroom.

The new components are supplied with fixing materials, including countersunk screws for the double support, so that a clean finish is created for tiling.

Here you can find more details with regard to slimline privacy walls and the TECEprofil framework.