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Auszeichnung TECEsquare Rusted Steel Callwey Verlag
"Best of Architecture Summit" organised by Callwey-Verlag in the Design Offices of Macherei München (Photo Credit: Peter J Kierzkowski/Callwey)

TECE honoured again at the Callwey Award "Best of Architecture"

At this year's "Best of Architecture Summit" organised by the Callwey publishing house in the Design Offices of the Macherei Munich, the winners of the "Excellent Housing 2023", "Best of Interior 2023" and "Houses of the Year 2023" competitions were honoured.

As part of this year's "Best of Interior Architects Choice" competition, TECE received the coveted award for its TECEsquare toilet flush plate with the innovative Rusted Steel surface.

Thanks to its timeless shape and high-quality materials, the TECEsquare flush plate is the favourite of many architects and bathroom planners. With the new innovative Rusted Steel surface, TECE has now given the classic collection an attractive surface that references current trends in façade design. The manual finishing of the surface gives each piece the character of a unique specimen - with the highest processing quality in terms of material and mechanics.

In 2021 and 2022, TECE was already honoured by an independent jury as Solution of the Year with its submitted products:

  • 2021 at the Houses of the Year Award, in the "Best of Interior" category with the TECEvelvet toilet flush plate.
  • 2022 at the German Housing Award twice, in the "Sanitary" category with the TECEprofil toilet module with integrated hygienic flush, and in the "Building Technology" category with the TECEsystem sanitary and installation walls.
  • This year, the medium-sized company from Münsterland was able to win the award for the third year in a row with its TECEsquare Rusted Steel toilet flush plate.

330 top industry experts from planner and manufacturer circles came together at the Callwey Summit on 11 October to exchange views and attend the award ceremony. The day's events were introduced by a keynote speech from star architect Matteo Thun and were humorously commented on and conducted by WDR presenter Jörg Thadeusz, among others.

Here you can find more information about TECEsquare Rusted Steel: Flush plate update | TECE Spotlight

WC-Betätigung TECEsquare Rusted Steel
Rusted steel creates an exciting contrast between modernity and transience in the architecture.
TECEsquare rostat stål
The straightest TECE flush plate stands out with its precise workmanship, rich feel and flat design.