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TECE - Unternehmensbroschüren

Target groups aligned with our strenghts

TECE’s fields of competence are the key elements of the brand concept. Capitalising on these strengths, TECE defines itself as an innovator in sanitary installation technology. Out of closeness to markets, people and technologyarises a deep understanding for the world that our customers inhabit and their needs.

Aim: Create added value for customers through well-thought-out systems and solutions. Take, for example, the new company brochures.

Design & Creation
Freedom in design: The functional and aesthetic demands on bathrooms are increasing in all living spaces – private homes, the housing sector and hotels. That’s why freedom in design is more important than ever.

Project & Planning
Reliability in project business: Planners can implement projects on schedule, cost-efficient and in line with legal requirements.

Installation & Assembly
Straightforward, stress-free work: The work of fitters is extremely complex – a demanding daily workload and various guidelines, standards and laws make sure of that. Three elements help to make life easier in this area: well-thought-out products, excellent quality and a direct on-site service.