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Urinal-Betätigungsplatte TECEnow

Urinal variant added to toilet flush plate series

TECEnow is the toilet flush plate for the standard segment, characterised by a minimalist, elegant design. TECE is now enhancing the series with a manual urinal flush plate.

Thanks to its functional, plain design, defined edges and its particularly low height of only five millimetres, the new TECEnow urinal flush plate is a solution that integrates harmoniously into different bathroom architectures. It looks like an expensive designer piece but is actually a plastic plate from the standard segment. Like all TECE flush plates, TECEnow will win you over with its haptic design that conveys a particular high-quality feeling. The TECEnow urinal flush plate dimensions are 104 x 124 millimetres. It is available in white or black as well as with your choice of a matt or shiny chrome surface.