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TECEone - refreshingly different

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TECEone duschtoalett

TECEone – the toilet with shower function

TECEone - refreshingly different

TECEone – the new freshness

Dusch-WC stromlos TECEone
The TECEone shower toilet works purely hydraulically and therefore does not require electricity.

What does a shower toilet have to be able to do from the user's viewpoint? Really simple: clean well! And integrate just as easily into the bathroom and life in handling and look as a standard toilet. With technology that lasts and is easily understandable to operate – at any age and also for the guest using the shower toilet for the very first time.

That's why we made simplicity the focus of development with the TECEone. The result is a new form of freshness that completely functions without power – and makes it surprisingly easy for the user and the fitter.

All details taken into account, but reduced to the essentials: typical TECE.

What are the advantages of a shower toilet?

What are the advantages of a shower toilet?

  • Toilet and bidet in one - the 2-in-1 effect from TECEone saves space in the bathroom.
  • Feeling fresh after every use: uncomplicated intimate care thanks to the shower toilet and easy operation.
  • TECEone helps to avoid skin irritations caused by toilet paper.
  • Bidet or do you prefer a shower toilet? TECEone makes cleansing possible without getting up. In addition, a toilet seat is ergonomically designed. Perfect for the elderly and people with limited mobility.
  • TECEone works completely without electrics: simple cleaning based on hydraulics.
  • The shower toilet can be retrofitted in almost any situation in the existing bathroom.
  • Stylish in every model: combine TECEone with shower toilet and TECEone without shower toilet.
  • Our toilet with shower function is standard-compliant and DIN-tested.

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Simply TECEone.

Dusch-WC TECEone – Hygienische Reinigung ohne Toilettenpapier.
TECEone shower toilet - hygienic and convenient cleaning without toilet paper.

We've rethought the shower toilet: With intelligent technology that functions without electricity. With a compact design that fits in any bathroom. With well-designed functions for uncomplicated installation and intuitive operation. This toilet with bidet function is the toilet of the future. Easy to install, uncomplicated to maintain. A shower toilet with a promise of quality.

Simply TECEone!


Pure freshness and hygiene with the TECEone shower toilet for cold water connections

With a new bidet toilet for cold water connections, TECE is appealing to toilet purists. They benefit from the health advantages of cleaning with fresh, cold water, straight from the water pipe.

Because many cultures prefer water to toilet paper, as water is far superior to the cleaning effect of paper. All the more if proctological complaints or sensitive skin require gentle, thorough care. In these cases, doctors usually recommend cleaning with cold water, fresh from the water pipe. This type of intimate care has a beneficial effect - both on blood circulation and on irritated skin areas.

TECEone is an effective and medically recommended support for intimate care!

Quickly connected, without much effort

Die TECEone Bidet-Toilette funktioniert ohne Strom

The TECEone bidet toilet can be installed with a warm water connection. But the new TECEone shower toilet is also an option in all cases where no warm water pipe can be connected to the toilet. For example, in bathroom renovations with a small budget or in guest bathrooms. This is because it can be retrofitted to any cistern without the need for an additional warm water pipe.

Like all TECEone models, it is supplied in installation-friendly packaging, which serves as a back-friendly transport aid and spacer. The ceramic can be installed effortlessly using the tried-and-tested TECE fastening technology. The toilet seat is simply pushed on. If necessary, it can be removed just as easily. Due to the well-designed system, there are no small components or screws that could fall inside during assembly, and the necessary tools are available on every construction site.

The TECEone toilet with shower - freshness and hygiene, easy to install!

The perfect toilet family

TECEone Dusch WC Familie

Two toilets, the same DNA: in addition to the TECEone with shower function, the TECEone range also includes a TECEone without shower function. The shower toilet visually matches the normal toilet and vice versa.

Consistent design language

The cross-series design language of the TECEone toilets with and without bidet function has advantages for planners and is aimed at end customers who want everything to form a uniform and integrated whole. The toilets in the bathrooms and toilet rooms of flats or entire buildings can now be planned uniformly and different usage scenarios and equipment variants can be realised. For example, TECEone toilet with bidet function in the family bathroom and the basic variant in the toilet for guests.

Other advantages, such as the time-saving installation also is a common feature of both versions. This makes the TECEone toilet family complete and allows flats and buildings to be fitted out in one design and with different levels of equipment.

Safe according to standards

Safe according to standards: The safety device integrated in the TECEone to protect the potable water meets the requirements of DIN EN 1717. The TECEone shower toilet can therefore be connected directly to the cold water pipe. The ceramics and the toilet seat also meet the applicable standards DIN EN 997 and DIN 19516. A bidet toilet to the highest standards!

Frequently asked questions about shower toilets

Shower toilets offer the possibility of hygienically cleaning the buttocks and intimate areas with running water. After using the toilet, a shower arm is extended on request, e.g. by turning a control knob on the side, which takes over the gentle cleaning. The separate use of a bidet is no longer necessary. A shower toilet allows for the greatest possible hygiene after each use of the toilet.

The cost of purchasing and installing a shower toilet depends greatly on the respective situation in the bathroom and personal preferences. The cheapest models are already affordable at a few hundred Euros. If you want more comfort, you can have a more luxurious version installed. Expert advice from an installer is recommended. Funding opportunities are offered by the KFW ("Credit Institute for Reconstruction") - in some cases also by the statutory health insurance.

A bidet is a low washbasin with a wash tap. A shower toilet combines the function of a "normal" toilet and that of a bidet in a space-saving way. If desired, the user can have a shower arm (toilet shower) extended after using the toilet, which performs the cleaning of the buttocks and intimate area. Put simply: you get a toilet with a bidet.

Shower toilets are recommended for all people who value gentle and hygienic cleaning after using the toilet.

The toilet with bidet function can be installed by any sanitary company. For models that function without electricity (such as the TECEone), installation is possible without the involvement of an electrician. The TECEone is also available as a cold water variant and can be retrofitted to any cistern. It is not necessary to run an additional hot water pipe.

Shower toilets should be serviced regularly. As a rule, maintenance can be carried out by the user. For models with electrical functions, the help of a specialist technician may be required.

The TECEone toilet with shower functions without additional components and is easy to install due to the clever packaging incl. installation aid. Due to the hydraulically (water-operated) extendable WC shower, no power connection is required.